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SPURart – How building my own skis took powder to the next level

I used to think there was no better feeling than floating through Tyrol’s deep powder on a bluebird day. But it turns out I had no idea how good it could get.

Two seasons ago in Kühtai, I experienced skiing on a whole new level – gliding through powder on skis tailored specifically to my skiing style, my ability, my desires – skis that, amazingly, I built myself.

SPURart [1]

It all started when I heard you could build your own skis in Innsbruck. I had no idea it was even possible and it captured my imagination. That’s how I met Michi Freymann, a ski builder working out of die Bäckerei [2]. I’ve been riding my hand-built skis for two seasons now and I’ll never go back.

The ski building started with a consultation to talk about shape and design, followed by a weekend in the new SPURart workshop in Innsbruck [3]. At the end of the workshop I left clutching my handmade skis and beaming with pride. And little did I know that this was only the beginning – making turns on skis you made yourself is an experience like no other.

building my own skis [4]

The SPURart team and participants [5]

Sometimes I take a minute at the end of a phenomenal powder run to take a photo of my trail. After the first run on my handcrafted beauties, I wanted to capture the skis… right after I had phoned Michi with freezing hands to rave about my fab new ride. And then it was hardcore skiing for the rest of the day. On and off piste the skis were great. I left Kühtai with tired legs and a huge smile.

great skis made by myself [6]

The performance of my ride definitely takes priority for me. But I have to admit that it’s a great feeling every time someone stops me in a lift line or on the slopes to ask where I got my wood-veneer skis. I just smile and say “I built them myself”. Thanks SPURart [3]!