A good friend of mine is a Crowded House fan so I’ve heard this song many times. But it’s only since moving to Innsbruck that I get to live it.

We Innsbruckers experience four seasons in one day every spring. In town, temperatures rocket to over 20° and the weather swings from light snow one day to sunbathing weather the next. Everything is blooming in the valleys and the blossom is out…but if you head up the glaciers you would think it’s still mid-winter.

Spring skiing Innsbruck

I suppose the best example of this phenomenon is the Nordkette Quartet – a relay race where competitors tear up and down the Nordkette (our beautiful ski resort in town) on bikes and skis/boards. The first leg is a mountain bike climb that leads from town halfway up the mountain. The second leg is a ski tour up to the peak, where the third participant takes over to ski/board halfway back down. And finally, a mountain biker takes over for the last leg. Thanks to the amazing spring weather here in the Capital of the Alps, competitors go from green grass to white snow and back all in a few hours.

Nordkette Quartett Innsbruck spring

While I didn’t take part in the Nordkette Quartet, I have been making the most of the spring weather. It’s not quite warm enough to have tempted me into a lake yet (although you will already catch a few of the diehard Tyroleans taking a dip) but I have enjoyed a few days of climbing on sun kissed rock faces interspersed with powder on the mountains.

I had friends visiting a few weeks ago and on a warm day we decided to visit Aachensee, a beautiful lake just 30 minutes away. As we sat sunning ourselves next to the water, another friend called…he was skiing up at Axamer Lizum!

Spring in Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria
My day…and the same day 30 minutes away

Last week I was up at Axamer Lizum myself with friends. The spring snow was beautiful. There was a little bit of fresh powder on the northern faces and we sat out in the sun for lunch on the terrace at the Hoadl House. It was glorious. On the way home we stopped by a farm in Axams to pick up some fresh produce. It could have been summer. We looked hilarious in our ski gear but somehow, here in Tyrol, it works. I mean where else do you see people on mountain bikes with snowboards strapped to their backs?

Four seasons in one day – that’s just how it is in Innsbruck in the spring. And the best part is that there is still a lot left to come. You can ski on the Stubai Glacier, 45 minutes outside of Innsbruck, at least until mid-May or even June…

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