Recent snowfall in and around Innsbruck has made headlines throughout Europe. For skiers and snowboarders, this is great news! Especially if you’re thinking about visiting Innsbruck from Munich or Berlin for an affordable ski trip. Innsbruck airport connects directly, and the cost of flying may surprise you.

Current Snow Conditions

How much has it snowed? Enough that I’ve picked up some new slang like, “dumping”, “powder turns”, and “waist deep”. These are all words I picked up from social media posts by the Innsbruck Tourism Social Media manager. He’s a sendy dude. I even made my first real attempt at “riding powder”. That didn’t end well – it was lots of fun, but I was sore for days.

We’ve already received enough snow to last for the entire season. Some ski resorts close around Easter, but the glacier stays open until June. I’ve had friends visit from Munich and Berlin; hopefully their experience encourages you to book that flight, grab some gear from one of our rental shops and get sendy on the slopes.

Skier: Daniel Schiessl

Innsbruck is an easy and affordable ski destination from Berlin

Berlin is one of my favorite cities on earth, but I’ll take a hard pass during January, February and March. If you’re living there, you would probably like to get away during these months as well. Your first choice may be somewhere warm and beachy. Unfortunately, that gets pricey and those destinations are far away. Fortunately for you, Innsbruck is less than two hours away with direct flights from Easyjet. Berlin is known as one of the most budget friendly cities in Europe; Innsbruck is definitely under the radar as a cheap ski destination in Europe.

Roundtrip Easyjet flights from Berlin range in price from 44 Euros to under 200. To put this into perspective; 44 Euros is five meals at McDonald’s or five coffees at Starbuck’s.


The Die Boerse ski shop offers complete ski and snowboard rentals for 59 Euros per day. That includes the skis/snowboard, jacket, pants, gloves, helmet and goggles. All their gear is fairly new and well serviced – no need to worry about the quality.

rental gear prices innsbruck

Ski and Snowboard rental prices at DIE BÖRSE during the 2018-2019 season.

Searching for flights, accommodation, ski passes, and gear rentals can seem like an insurmountable task. Don’t even trip, I’ve already done some of the heavy lifting for you. A five day trip from April 4th to April 9th can cost you as little as 561 Euros including your flights, accommodation, gear, and lift passes for three days. Throw in a 48 hour Innsbruck City Card and you’re still at just 611 Euros.

Berlin to Innsbruck ski trip cost breakdown:

cheap ski trip from Berlin to Innsbruck

Easyjet flights from Berlin to Innsbruck for only €44


Munich to Innsbruck for a budget ski trip:

Lots of people from Munich already escape to Innsbruck for weekend trips because the cities are so close. Due to the short distance between the two, a visit is much more convenient and affordable. Three to five trains depart daily and the ride is only 1h 44m. Trains depart from Munich as early as 7:30 A.M. and return as late as 9:35 P.M. Keep in mind that the last direct train departs at 4:40 P.M. The later options take a couple of hours longer.

Budget ski trip to Innsbruck

Cheap , easy, and daily train connections between Munich and Innsbruck

If you live in Munich, you probably own a car and can drive here in 2h 30m. Daily parking in Innsbruck can cost up to €15. If you don’t drive, you can catch a Flixbus to and from IBK for as little as €7.99 each way.

Budget travel to Innsbruck

Daily Flixbus departures between Munich and Innsbruck

If you’re already familiar with the shared economy, you already know about Blablacar. You can ride with Hannah, Gianfranco, Winfried, or Torsten for €5-10.

Cheap travel to innsbruck

Welcome to the shared economy

Special Events in Innsbruck’s Ski Resorts

A few “special” events go down on the slopes that may encourage travelers to visit more than once during the ski season. Most of these events are sports related. Some you can participate and even compete in. For example, Ugly Ski Day, a raucous mix between costume party and ski mob would be worth checking out for those wanting to mix in some extracurricular activities during their short visit.

Ugly Skiing Day Axamer Lizum

Axamer Lizum takeover

In addition to this event, random ski events/parties occur throughout the winter. Similarly, Jimmy’s Bar organizes free ski shuttles that take you to Axamer Lizum and return to Jimmy’s for a fun evening. Another great example of a random event being organized on the slopes is the Red Bull Bob Can Race I participated in a couple of years ago at Nordkette.

Red Bull Can Bob Race

Red Bull Can Bob participants

Another great event worth checking out is Skinnovation, the entrepreneurial conference happening at different ski resorts. This event took place during three days at three different resorts: Nordkette, Schlick 2000, and Axamer Lizum

Skinnovation 2016 Nordkette

Aspiring entrepreneurs, investors, and coaches from near and far gathered at Skinnovation 2016


If you’re here towards the end of the ski season, you may want to check out Figln. Figln was created in Innsbruck and can only be experienced when Spring kicks in, making the snow super slushy. Check out this video for a better idea.

figln innsbruck nordkette die borse hafelekar golden roof karinne

There’s something magical about riding a bike through old town on the way to the lifts. Only in Innsbruck