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Epic Innsbruck 19-04: Longboarding at Axamer Lizum

Welcome to the latest episode of Epic Innsbruck. For the first of the summer season, we headed up to Axamer Lizum [1] and went straight back down again, on longboards.


The Athletes 

Innsbruck athletes Anna Pixner [2] and Quirin Ilmer [3] (Qui) are very experienced longboarders and have travelled across the world doing their thing. Qui is a former World Cup winner and European champion and Anna ranked 8th in the World and 3rd in Europe last season.


Anna and Qui gaining speed before corner 2.

I’ve known Qui for a few years, so it was wicked to film some epicness with him and his mate Anna.

Longboarding,Axamer Lizum

Anna just about to take the lead.


Inspiration by a longboarding video [4] from Teton Gravity Research of Josh Neuman on the same road, we spoke to Axamer Lizum about closing the road for our own shoot.

After Axamer Lizum notified the police and got the OK, we got our equipment and started filming.

Matt Clark from Innsbruck Tourism assisted with the production by closing the road and holding traffic for a few minutes at a time to do runs with different camera angles, and focussing on some of the corners to get epic close ups.

epic innsbruck,anna pixner

Sliding epicness – Anna Pixner

It’s amazing how fast they go – a good reason why they are dressed in full leathers and full face helmets, motorbiker-style. EPIC!


Creating sparks.

Be Safe

There is so much to do in the Innsbruck region, especially of an epic nature, but you must remember to stay safe whilst having fun. As mentioned above, we closed the road for this shoot and permission of the road owner and police was gained beforehand.

We have more Epic Innsbruck episodes coming up, so make sure you look out for them.

All photos © Ashley Wiggins, unless otherwise stated.

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