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EPIC INNSBRUCK 18-03: Freestyle

Before the Winter season finished at Nordkette’s Skyline Park, we filmed some epic snowboarders and skiers sending an epic jump (The Skyliner) for the third episode of EPIC INNSBRUCK.

The jump faces the city in such a way that from above it looks like you’ll land right in the Old Town(!), but that didn’t hold the guys back! Watch below as they take to the air above Innsbruck during this all-time spring freestyle showdown.


Go behind the scenes of the Epic Innsbruck 18-03 shoot 

Sending it in the blue hour! myinnsbruck

Florian Galler sending it in the blue hour!

I was very excited to get off the phone with Quirin Müller from Nordkette [1] when he told me that there will be a massive jump built at the Skyline Park [2] for a photo shooting session. The park is sponsored by Blue Tomato, [3] who also held their own film and photo shoot up there with their team riders that week.

Ethan Morgan getting some air in the Skyline Park above Innsbruck

Ethan Morgan getting some big air.

The Jump

The shoot was part of Sane!’s Spring Break, which occurs every year at Nordkette’s Skyline Park. Riders Bjarni Thor Valdimarsosson [4] and Alex Fischer [5] built and shaped the Skyliner with a little help from the crew.

They used about 1000 cubic metres of snow, giving it a height of 7 metres, a width of 5 metres and a base length of about 28 metres allowing the athletes to send it 10 to 15 metres in the air. It took about 16 machine hours and 4 guys working on it for a whole day to finish it off.

The huge Skyliner jump in the snowpark at Seegrube, Nordkette

The Skyliner jump stats

The blue hour at the Skyline Park

We were waiting for the perfect weather to film, because the key to this shoot was the ‘blue hour’. Although we had to delay more than once due to the weather and clouds, it was definitely worth the wait! If you don’t know, the blue hour is the moment just after the sun has completely set where the light and colours in the sky change – it’s absolutely beautiful! In my experience there is a window of about 20-30 minutes which gives the best show.

Innsbruck blue hour

Blue hour over Innsbruck.

One of my favourite shots of the whole session was of Ole Pavel [6]. This is a screen grab of the drone shot taken by Max Boschi [7] and his DJI Inspire 2 drone (amazing quality filming in 6K), just at the moment where the flash went off. Absolutely epic!

Ole Pavel

Ole Pavel catching the flash.

When on top of the mountain, the sunsets are truly breathtaking, and filming snowboarders and skiers at the same time in these conditions was just awesome.

Frau Hitt sunset

The perfect position to make a timelapse.

The Athletes

Innsbruck’s snowboard gang Sane! [8] and friends provided the talented athletes for the day.

Dennis Ranalter flying

Dennis Ranalter flying above Innsbruck with Thomas Trifonitchev on the follow cam.

The Skyliner jump was reserved just for us to save it’s shape, especially important in the spring as the temperatures at this time of year increase rapidly throughout the day, and the snow can get cut up.

Max Glatzl

Sane! Snowboarding boss Max Glatzl sending it above the Serles.

To finish off

Even though we were there all day and past sun down, it felt like only a few hours. It was a lot of fun and I’m already looking forward to next year!

Me and the Sane! crew

Me and the Sane! gang just before sunset.

Here is the full list of athletes from the session:

Emma Lantos
Max Glatzl [9]
Ole Pavel
Simon Pircher
Thomas Enk
Manuel Bernert
Benno Bauer
Dominik Brunner
Ethan Morgan
Peter Walchhofer
Michi Schatz
Steve Spiss
Steve Küberl
Alex Fischer
Bjarni Thor Valdimarsosson
Florian Galler
Dennis Ranalter
Thomas Trifonitchev [10]

All photos are taken by me or are screen grabs from video, unless otherwise stated.

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