The word dodgeball instantly reminds me of the 2004 comedy movie starring Vince Vaughn, Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller. The tournaments seen in this movie are being organised for real and not just in the USA.


Balls at the ready. Photo: Ashley Wiggins.

Max Golda is one of three who founded Dodgeball Austria back in 2012 and he told me that the association organises tournaments across Austria. “So far tournaments have been held in Vienna, Graz, Amstetten and for the 3rd time here in Innsbruck.”


Founder and referee Max Golda. Photo: Ashley Wiggins.

Competitive games in a party atmosphere

Dodgeball Mania was held in Sporthalle Hötting West, Innsbruck. Numerous teams in different fancy dress competed to become the champions. Party music was being played with the different teams either playing against each other or cheering the others on in the spectators area or by the side lines.


Different teams in different themes. Photo: Ashley Wiggins.

This is all about fun, the games get serious because there can only be one winner, but as the players are in hilarious outfits, there’s a lot of laughter and mucking about that goes with it. This reminded me a lot of when I was in the Rugby team at university, especially playing friendly games; lots of banter, team bonding and fun games.


Fun and games. Photo: Ashley Wiggins.

Last man/woman standing

Some of the teams and players are really good. The “last man standing” session finished the day off, where everyone was in it for themselves, once you get hit by the ball, that’s it, you’re out.


Teaming up. Photo: Ashley Wiggins.

A guy and a girl were left and girl power won the match in the end.

The inspiration behind Dodgeball Austria

I didn’t know that something like this was organised in Innsbruck. Max said he got inspiration from a ball game he played as a child called Völkerball. But this is played with only one ball. Dodgeball is more interesting because of more balls in play, thus more likely to be caught out or catch your opponents out.


Dodgeball power. Photo: Ashley Wiggins.

Dodgeball Austria organises the tournament, they supply the equipment, the location and the referees. Teams are made up of a minimum of six players, “it’s better if there are more players, eight to ten is the perfect number”, said Max. This is in case of injuries and to rotate players to create different dynamics and keep the team energy high.


Quickly does it. Photo: Ashley Wiggins.

Dodgeball on snow

Earlier in the year at Conquer the Alps, which is festival at Axamer Lizum and has the motto POWDER and PARTY. Dodgeball Austria organised the Dodgeball Challenge – a tournament on snow, high up on the mountain. Combining a party, snow and Dodgeball sounds like a great idea to me. I hope it’s organised for this coming Winter season.


The winners celebrating at the Dodgeball Challenge! © Conquer the Alps.

Get involved

You don’t have to have a team to play, the tournament is open to everyone and individuals or groups with less that six players can team up with others. The main goal of the tournament is to have fun and anyone who wants to play, can play.


We are the champions! Photo: Ashley Wiggins.

The next big tournament is in Vienna on 25th February 2017, there will be about 50 to 60 teams. To get involved, whether you have a team or not, you can register one month before the event.

For more information, head to their website or Facebook page.


3rd, 2nd and 1st place teams. Photo: Ashley Wiggins.



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