Mountain over mattress

Let me tell you about my dream last night… I was standing on top of a mountain. The early morning sun illuminated the peaks around me in beautiful pink colours. It was just my friends and me with our skis, looking down on a wide sea of clouds. In front of us the untracked slopes – we couldn’t help but smile. Those slopes felt like blank canvas that just waited for us to draw some lines on. The first lines.

snow mountain skiing axamer lizum innsbruck sea of clouds sunrise early morning

yes, we <3 Axamer Lizum! © Lena Koller

Muttereralm skiing first line mountains snow morning sun

Nockspitze in the morning light © Bill Kreutz

skiing first line track mountains cable car innsbruck

The Olympiabahn at Axamer Lizum © Lena Koller

mountains axamer lizum hoadl innsbruck skiing snow first line track

Just us &  Kalkkögel © Lena Koller

Chase your dreams

Good news is: I didn’t wake up from this dream! That morning we took the cable car before everybody else, just us and the lift staff. When the rest of the world down there was getting out of bed, annoyed by the cloudy sky, we could already feel the sunbeams on our cheeks. Amidst a popular skiing area we could hardly believe to be all by ourselves. After absorbing the stunning scenery we put on our skis and off we went down the perfectly prepared slopes. Unreal!

skiing snowboard slopes first line track axamer lizum

Sea of clouds © Lena Koller

skiing untracked slopes mountains Innsbruck muttereralm

Your line, your speed, your slope. At Muttereralm © Bill Kreutz

Collect moments, not things

No morning is ever complete without a hearty breakfast. Add a little bit of that breathtaking view and the memory of that one Cappuccino’s taste will never fade. No gobbling down of delicious food because you’re thinking of long queues at the gondola. You just skipped the stress and fast forwarded to the relaxing part…What an epic start of the day!

Doughnuts muffins breakfast cake food brunch axamer lizum skiing first line track all you can eat

Chocolate for breakfast? I’m in! At Hoadl Haus © Lena Koller

breakfast ham cheese eggs skiing first line track muttereralm myinnsbruck

A sports(wo)man’s breakfast at Erlebnisrestaurant Muttereralm © Lena Koller

The slope is ALL yours

First Line/First track:

Every Tuesday at the Axamer Lizum skiing resort, 07:30 a.m.

All you can eat brunch at the Hoadl Haus 

Every Wednesday at the Mutterer Alm skiing resort, 07:30 a.m.

Including a personal guidance of the General Manager through the skiing area, explaining interesting facts and revealing special spots;

Breakfast at the “Erlebnisrestaurant Muttereralm

skiing snow mountains innsbruck axamer lizum cable car

THAT view (!) from Hoadl Haus  © Lena Koller

Write an E-Mail to Axamer Lizum ( before 12 p.m. on the previous Monday or Muttereralm ( before 5 p.m. on the previous Tuesday and register for an unforgettable experience!