Innsbruck is such a paradise. Not only in terms of the landscape, but also all the things you can do and see. Honestly, people have thought of everything, and there’s all sorts of crazy outdoor adventures and experiences to be had in and around the city – Innsbruck is a great hub to experience everything that Tyrol has to offer.

With that in mind, I set out from Innsbruck to squeeze as much adventure into one day as I could!

1. Mountain carting at Muttereralm

The other day a friend of mine told me about mountain carting in Mutters, located just a little south of Innsbruck. I’m not going to lie, I had no idea what it was, but after a little research online I knew I had to go and try it out!

Imagine, if you will, being on a three-wheeler buggy careering down a dirty mountain path… Well that, my friends, is mountain carting. The mutterer mountain carts have been around since 2015, but I only recently discovered them – and I’m hooked.

Charging down the Mountain Cart track at Muttereralm

Photo: @Innsbruck Tourism

Going up to go down

The rental spot is located directly at the top of the Muttereralm gondola, and it’s super easy to pick up and drop off the cart and helmet.

Muttereralm Mountain Cart rental centre

There is no shortage of carts, they are waiting for you to come take a ride.

Although you can go up the mountain on the gondola and ride the carts down, I would suggest you make the hike up on foot, maybe stop in to the Muttereralm for a refreshing drink or something to eat before taking a mountain cart down. It’s just so much more gratifying. It’s worth taking a stroll around too, maybe over to the Panorama Lake to check out the view; it’s gorgeous up there!

Muttereralmbahn gondola and mountain cart drop-off point

The track ends at the drop off station, so the logistics are super easy

A wild ride down the Mutterealm mountain cart track

It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and it is definitely worth the price of the ride. The carts are low to the ground, which makes them pretty darn stable, and very easy to manoeuvre.

You go down a closed track, only occasionally intersecting with a biking or hiking path, but these are all clearly marked and it is not an issue to zip around. A helmet, which is included with the price of the ticket, is the only safety equipment needed. There are safety fences and markings to make sure you stay on a safe path, as you roll down the mountain. It’s fun for all ages, well… as long as those under 16 are accompanied by an adult that is.

  • Price: €8 before midday, €12 in the afternoon (adult). Kinds €5 and €10 morning/afternoon.
carting sign

Although the track occasionally intersects with the hiking and bike trails, it’s all clearly marked and safe

Squeezing more adventure from one day in Tyrol


On this particular day, I was in adventure mode. Mountain carting was a great adrenaline rush, but I wanted more. So I thought I would see what else I could squeeze into one adventurous day in Tyrol.

2. Bungee jumping off the Europe Bridge

Innsbruck is a perfect jumping off point for all sorts of other adrenaline highs in the vicinity. Might I suggest you do the same?

The 192m tall Europe Bridge (Europebrücke) is just a short ride away from Mutters – and sports the fifth highest bungee jump in the world. Only real thrillseekers need apply!

Europe bridge

The famous Europe Bridge (Europabrücke) is the fifth highest bungee jump in the world

There is a small office at the entrance to the bridge where you get fitted for your harness and learn the procedure before heading out to the middle of the bridge and the jump point. The view is pretty spectacular as you climb over the side of the bridge to a platform underneath. From there you get clipped in and off you leap, 192m down!

3. Paragliding in the Stubai Valley

paragliding stubai

The parachute is laid out upon arrival at the top of the Elferlifte gondola, it only takes a short sprint to make you fly.

The day was still early, and after a taste of freefall I wanted to see what actual flying felt like too. So I jumped into a shuttle to the Stubai Valley (Stubaital) to give paragliding a go!

I had been sky diving before, but had never paragliding. I met my tandem pilot Lorenz in Neustift, who had made everything ready and easy. The parachute was already laid out on the mountainside; I got fitted with a harness, and recieved some basic instruction in how everything works.

Flying from the Elferlifte

We took the Elferlifte gondola up to the take-offpoint, which is actually a ski piste in winter. After attaching the harnesses it took just a few steps and a quick jog forward before the wing filled and we were up in the air! It really was crazy, riding the wind up and down like a trackless rollercoaster, but with incredible views of the mountains and the Stubai valley pointing down to Innsbruck and the Nordkette like the barrel of a gun. Honestly, I can’t recommend it highly enough!

  • Price: basic tandem flights start at around €105 with 15-20 minutes of flight time.
landing spot

Check out the gorgeous Tyrollean mountains, from a birds-eye view.

Tyrol generally really is one giant outdoor playground, and Innsbruck is the perfect hub to experience all these adventures and many more besides.  If you’re an adrenaline junky, don’t worry – Innsbruck definitely has what it takes to give you a thrill! There are so many possibilities and opportunities, better start your bucket list now!


All Photos : @Laura Wunsch (except Europe Bridge: @Innsbruck Tourism)