The Baggersee lake: Innsbruck’s most popular bathing spot. Yes, there are perhaps prettier lakes in Tirol. You know, ones that aren’t man-made and located next to an industrial estate. But what Baggersee lacks in Alpine tranquility, it makes up for in charm and spirit. Not to mention it’s home to the best pizza in town (see #3).

Read on to find out why the Baggersee is the perfect place to spend a summer’s afternoon – or evening! – in Innsbruck.

#1: Baggersee is one of Tirol’s warmest lakes

Is this Tirol’s wamest lake? © Innsbruck Tourismus / Tommy Bause

Most of the lakes near Innsbruck are cold. And I mean really cold. You can be melting on a boiling July day, only to jump in the lake and find it is still only 18 degrees. Which is great for the first 10 seconds, but not exactly ideal for an afternoon on the water.

The Baggersee, however, is almost tropical in comparison. Its shallow waters heat up fast and stay warm for days afterwards. In summer it can easily get to 27 degrees, which is perfect for lazily floating around for hours on end. You can even check the water temperature on their website before you go.

#2: It’s easy to get to

Innsbruck’s “Stadträder” or city bikes are the best way to get around. © IVB

The Baggersee is by far the closest lake to Innsbruck and is served by the city’s public transport. You can enjoy a cool air-conditioned ride on the F, the R or the T bus, which all take you directly to the lake’s entrance.

But most people choose to bike. From the Sillpark shopping centre, you can cycle down a beautiful riverside bike path and be at the Baggersee in less than 20 minutes. Don’t have a bike? Sign up for Innsbruck’s city bike scheme and hire one for just €1 per 30 minutes!

#3: It has great pizza

There’s nothing like pizza and Aperol on a summer’s day. © deck47

Forget cones of soggy chips; Baggersee is home to some pretty fine dining! The Deck 47 restaurant on the east side of the lake serves a delicious menu, from fancy salads to gourmet burgers.

But they are best known for their delicious pizzas. The base is divine, the toppings are exquisite and there also have a great selection of “white pizzas” (aka. pizzas without the tomato sauce). What’s more, you can either be fancy and dine in, or get it in a box and find a pretty spot by the lake to watch the sunset. What a way to end the day!

#4: Bagersee is great for the whole family

A pool with a view. © Innsbruck Tourismus

Not sure how you feel about letting your little ones loose in open water? Not to worry, the Baggersee also has a small children’s pool with a slide and an onsite lifeguard—perfect for tiny tots.

The beach next to the kid’s pool is also one of the shallowest parts of the lake and has a roped-off part, especially for family swimming. That means plenty of water fun for the kids, and peace of mind for the adults.

#5: You can test your skills in the Motorikpark.

A playground for both little kids and big kids. © Motorik Penz

The Motorikpark (or “motor skills park”) is the newest addition to the Baggersee and it has immediately become one of the highlights. The park is basically a giant obstacle course, including funky balance beams, giant rope swings and various types of monkey bars. Each obstacle is designed to put your strength and balance to the test, whether you’re eight years old or eighty!

One of the most popular obstacles is the giant circular rope swing. Positioned in the centre of a huge crater, you can really feel the force of gravity as you are whipped round in circles. Be prepared to queue though; everyone wants a go!

#6: It’s free after 6pm

The best time of day to visit. © Innsbruck Tourismus / Helga Andreatta

Little known fact about the Baggersee: it’s free after 6pm! While a day ticket will cost you €4.70, if you choose to come for an after-work dip, you won’t have to pay a penny.

Be aware though that is no lifeguard service in the evening—swimming is at your own risk!