The summer may feel like it’s over, but there are still a few weekends left to fit in a hut hike or two! Innsbruck has plenty of gorgeous mountain huts, where you can enjoy a hearty meal and a good night’s sleep before hiking back down the next day. What’s more, many huts are open late into the autumn, when the forests turn golden and the mountains are less crowded.

Overnight Hut Hikes around Innsbruck

So if you are want to end your summer season with an amazing hut hike, here are 4 huts to try!

1. Beautiful Sunrises At The Solsteinhaus


How about that for a view? © Solsteinhaus

The Solsteinhaus is one of Innsbruck’s most popular huts. That’s partly due to its great location, just a 3 hour-hike from Hochzirl train station. But mainly because it offers some of the most spectacular views in the region. If sunrises and sunsets are your thing, you won’t be disappointed.

If you’re planning a longer tour, the Solsteinhaus is also ideally located on the Karwendel Höhenweg Trail—a multi-day hike starting in Seefeld and going all the way over to the Bettelwurfhütte near Hall before looping back to Scharnitz. This is the ultimate way to experience the magnificent Karwendel mountains.

Altitude: 1,805m

Hike: 3 hours from Hochzirl station

Rooms: Double rooms and multi-bed rooms

Open until: 9th October 2020

2. Yummy Dumplings At The Kemater Alm

The Kalkkögel mountains, also known as the “Innsbruck Dolomites” © Innsbruck Tourismus

Whether you’re a biker or a hiker, the Kemater Alm is always worth a visit. Located 2 hours from the village of Grinzens, this unusual alm has some of the best food in the region. It’s also the ideal starting point for lots of nearby hikes, and you can really challenge yourself by scaling one of the peaks in the stunning Kalkkögel mountains.

The path from Grinzens to the Kemater Alm is ideal for beginner mountain bikers. You can then sleep overnight and do a hike the next day before biking back down into the valley. And be sure to try the dumplings, they’re a Kemater Alm specialty!

Altitude: 1,670m

Hike: 2 hours from Grinzens

Rooms: Double, triple and multi-bed rooms

Open until: End of October 2020

3. Chilled Vibes At The Pforzheimerhütte


Can you spot the glacier? © Pforzheimerhütte

The Sellraintal Valley is one of the highlights of the Innsbruck region, and the Pforzheimerhütte is probably the most beautifully remote hut on this list. You may only be a 2.5-hour hike from the village of Sankt Sigmund, but the surrounding majestic peaks and glaciers(!) will make you feel a million miles away from civilisation.

There are plenty of mountains to attempt from the Pforzheimerhütte, including the Samerschlag, the Haidenspitze and the appropriately-named Schöntalspitze (“Beautiful valley peak” in English). Or you can simply chill out in a hammock on the hut’s sun terrace and enjoy a cool beer. At the Pforzheimerhütte, life can be how you want it to be.

Altitude: 2,308m

Hike: 2.5 hours from Sankt Sigmund im Sellraintal

Rooms: Double rooms and multi-bed rooms

Open until: 20th September 2020

4. Easy Hiking At The Birgitzköplhaus


Birgitzköpflhaus and the spectacular Nordkette mountains © Birgitzköpflhaus

Not up for a long hike this weekend? Then the Birgitzköplhaus is the hut for you. Located at the top of the Birgitzköpfl lift in the Axamer Lizum resort, you don’t even have to hike to reach it. But once there, you almost definitely want to do the short hike up to the Nockspitze peak and enjoy the spectacular view over Innsbruck. The sunrise up there is also not to be missed!

The Birgitzköpflhaus also has a fabulous terrace and is the ideal place for families or couples. There is also a climbing area nearby, as well as the infamous “Lustiger Bergler-Steig” via ferrata route.

Altitude: 1,984m

Hike: 1.5 hours from Axamer Lizum car park, or take the Birgitzköpfl chairlift

Rooms: Double and quadruple rooms

Open until: End of September 2020