Sometimes we all have to escape. Escape from reality, escape from the house, escape the office; you get the picture. But to where? For me the answer is always nature, outdoors or even outside on a balcony. Luckily Innsbruck is one of these places, where that can happen (literally) within minutes. Located between mountains helps a lot. In my case, that was a Sunday where I had finished all my chores, I was alone in the house and couldn’t stand one more minute in front of the computer screen (rare phenomenon). So I went for a long walk, to the Bergisel Panorama Round.

Bergisel Panorama Magic

One (if not the only) absolute essentials to have with you, should be some sort of camera. It doesn’t have to be the latest and most amazing DSLR; your mobile phone will do. You have to be ready to “archive” what you are going to see. The main reason is that due to its geological versatility, Innsbruck and the surrounding nature can give you different views of the same thing all year long. What I mean by that is that you can take the same photo, from the same location, in a different hour and still get something completely different. And if you’re a fan of cityscapes, the Panoramaweg around Bergisel can do that for you. Especially that awesome alpine panorama that you might be missing.

Innsbruck Panoramic shot // Foto © Paul Pastourmatzis

Innsbruck Panoramic shot // Foto © Paul Pastourmatzis

Take your time

One thing I’ve learned while hiking or walking around here, is to not hurry. And by that I mean really taking the time to take it all in. Look around, listen and feel the environment. You never know what you’ll be missing out on if you don’t pay attention. The Panorama Round does exactly what it says. Takes you around the Bergisel Ski jump hill. There are a couple of ways to begin your experience there. My personal favourite is through the Sillschlucht, where you basically start your round from the bottom left of the hill. Walking along the Sill river and gradually make your way up. Unfortunately that day (as you might have seen on my vlog), that path was closed due to construction works. So I opted for the next (and most common) path, from the front.

Pro Tip: spend some time in the kiosk next to the Kaiserjäger Museum (and why not visit it?).

The Bergisel Panoramaweg - #myinnsbruck

Great camouflage // Foto © Paul Pastourmatzis

Standing on the edge

The most epic part of the Panoramaweg though, has to be the Drachenfelsen observation deck behind the Bergisel Ski jump. It’s a platform made out of metal and glass (at its very end), which extends over 20m from the ground and about 50m above the Sillschlucht. You are literally above and beyond the edge. Although it’s not dangerous at all, it will give you a little adrenaline rush. Especially if you look down. If you are a fan of photography, I can’t recommend it enough! You will get some great shots from there, but please take it easy with the selfies. Safety first!

View below the Drachenfelsen

View below the Drachenfelsen // Foto © Paul Pastourmatzis

Serles mountain

Serles mountain // Foto © Paul Pastourmatzis

Drachenfelsen behind the Bergisel

View from the Drachenfelsen // Foto © Paul Pastourmatzis

The way back to the Museum // Foto © Paul Pastourmatzis

The way back to the Museum // Foto © Paul Pastourmatzis