After a tough day, one way to relieve your stress is to indulge in Tirol Box luxury chocolate, handmade in Tirol. Using a secret recipe, master confectioner Hansjörg Haag (Haag Confectionary) in Landeck and agricultural economist Therese Fiegl (Tiroler Edle) in Innsbruck, developed a very unique and exquisitely tasting chocolate. Combining the creamy milk from Tyrolean Grey Cattle and in some flavours, berries and fruit from the surrounding mountain land. These chocolates are like no other.

Tirol Box luxury chocolate

Mixing chocolate with Hansjörg Haag. Image by Ashley Wiggins.

With great pleasure, my girlfriend and I have partnered up with Hansjörg and Therese. Together we have created our own branded chocolates for our new business Tirol Box: a subscription box of the finest Tirolean products, shipping straight out of Innsbruck every month. These succulent chocolates are included in every box (apart from the summer months) and flavours vary from month to month depending on the theme.

Exploring Innsbruck

I’m not a huge fan of sweets, but I do enjoy a nice treat here and there. When it comes to chocolate, my favourites had been Hotel Chocolat from London and world renowned Lindt from Zurich. About a year ago, I was wandering and exploring the beautiful cobbled streets of Innsbruck old town and I discovered this chocolate. Priced at a premium, it’s not the cheapest piece of chocolate around, but quality has its price. When hearing the story behind the chocolate, I was sold and had to buy a couple of bars.

Tirol Box luxury chocolate

Luxury chocolate being made by hand, with berries from the Tirolean mountains. Image by Ashley Wiggins.

I chose the luxury chocolate that included Tirolean berries similar to cranberries, but not just any berries. This particular chocolate is made with berries that are hand-picked by a lady who lives close to where they grow, high up on the mountains. These berries grow above 2000 metres and they have a very distinctive, salty taste. The experience of indulging in this chocolate back then was unbelievable and still is today. The different flavours  gradually meet your taste buds at different intervals, it’s pretty amazing. This is another reason why I love Innsbruck, there’s always something new to discover, even after living here for three years.

Luxury chocolate handmade by Hansjörg Haag

Hansjörg Haag interview for Tirol Box

Hansjörg Haag being interviewed for Tirol Box. Image grab taken from the interview, filmed by Ashley Wiggins.

Hansjörg Haag studied at the Swiss Chocolate College Richemont in Lucerne, he learnt from the best and is now a master in his own right. We were fortunate enough to interview him and find out what is so special about these chocolates. Experiencing the mixing of the chocolate and the creation of the handmade bars was a fantastic experience.


Tirol Box chocolate filming

Recording some chocolate b-roll with Hansjörg Haag. Photo by Helene Clara Gamper.

You can really feel the love and attention Hansjörg puts into every bar he makes. In between the interview and recording some b-roll, Hansjörg invited us to some very nice organic juices from South Tirol in his cafe. When we finished up, he gave us a goody bag with a selection of his delicious chocolates, lovely stuff, cheers Hansjörg!

Special milk from Tyrolean Grey Cattle

Tyrolean Grey Cattle (Tiroler Grauvieh) have been located in the Tirolean mountains for more than 3,000 years. They graze at around 2,000 metres above sea level. Being at such an altitude, these beloved cows eat wild flowers, grass and herbs that are only found up there. This makes their diet unique and their milk taste fantastically creamy. For my video, we filmed some Grauvieh that had been brought down to a lower level in Inzing for Winter. Inzing is about 20 minutes away from Innsbruck by car, easy to find and has a decent hiking route to Inzinger Alm. The cows were friendly and seemed to enjoy being on camera, they must have been on TV before. Hansjörg told us that their milk contains more omega-3 fatty acids, minerals and vitamins than any other type of cow. This is the main reason why these luxury chocolates are so unique.

Handmade luxury chocolate

Handmade chocolate by Hansjörg Haag. Image by Ashley Wiggins.

Tirolean creativity and excellence coming together to produce unique, luxury chocolate for your indulging pleasure. Even if it’s just once, you should definitely try this amazing chocolate. Tirol Box chocolate is only available in our monthly subscription box (2 bars in Tirol Box and 1 bar in Tirol Box basic). What’s your favourite chocolate?

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