This Saturday June 29th, the Tyrolean Chamber Orchestra InnStrumenti will play their annual ‘Midsummer’ concert near the summit of Patscherkofel,  Innsbruck’s ‘Hausberg’ (home mountain).

‘Klassik am Berg 1965’ is so-named as it takes place 1,965 meters above sea level! The programme includes a selection of short pieces and individual movements from well known works, complemented by outstanding but less well-known pieces. InnStrumenti will play on a special temporary stage in front of the majestic backdrop of the surrounding mountain peaks.

If you want to sit, you should bring a blanket, and it might be a good idea to pack some warm clothes. Although the weather forecast is excellent for Saturday evening it can get cool high up in the mountains. Visitors can reach the venue via the Patscherkofelbahn, and the concert will start at 6pm.

Innstrumenti with their venue – the Patscherkofel – in the background © TVBI/Christian Vorhofer

What makes Klassik am Berg special?

I spoke to trumpet player Thomas Steinbrucker to find out more about why Klassik am Berg is such a cool event:

Leon: Do InnStrumenti play many outdoor concerts?

Thomas: No, not very often.  Klassik am Berg is one of the few regular outdoor concerts we do. Sometimes we have additional open airs like the Innsbrucker Promenadenkonzert but that’s not every year.

L: Do you enjoy playing outdoors?

T: If the sound at the location is good – and it always is on Patscherkofel for the Klassik Am Berg concerts – then I like it very much!

L: Once you start playing, do you notice the difference between indoor and outdoor concerts? Is the sound different?

T: The sound on stage can always be weird even in very good concert halls. But the most important thing by far is the sound for the audience.

L: Are the crowds for outdoor concerts noticeably different from indoor concerts?

T: I think people really like outdoor concerts, especially classical concerts. People are happier and more relaxed outdoors.

L: Would you especially recommend the Klassik Am Berg concert to families? Or people who wouldn’t normally go to classical concerts?

T: Yes, for sure!!

L: Which composers are on the programme for the concert on Saturday? 

T: The programme is very different, that’s why it will be interesting for everybody. We play pieces from Mozart, Bizet, Tschaikowsky, and Strauss; but also pieces from Tyrolean composers like Bramböck, Hornek, Telfser und Norz. We also have a Band called ‘Hi 5’, a singer – Heidi Erler – and two soloists, Werner Hangl (clarinet) and Erik Mayr (violin), as special guests!

Important Info:

Tickets cost 14 euros for adults, 5 euros for those 18 and under, and 1 euro for children up to 10 years old. The Patscherkofelbahn gondola can be taken at the special rate of €8.50 or €5.50. The bus ride to and from Innsbruck with the IVB bus is included in the concert ticket (90 minutes before and after the concert).


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