My time in Innsbruck has allowed me to experience many firsts; climbing, mountain biking, Klettersteige, to name a few. A knee injury is keeping me from participating in Innsbruck’s active lifestyle, so I’ve had to find other ways to enjoy the season. So far, that’s translating into working on my Winterspeck while enjoying the Christmas Markets, Krampus gatherings, riding the Christmas Tram and other Christmas traditions with the family. Having spent my childhood in Los Angeles, I never got around to make a snowman. After 32 years, that time has arrived.

My first ever snowman

My snowman is tight-lipped

Making a Snowman:

I was very unprepared for this experience. In hindsight, I should have consulted with YouTube or one of my local friends. I tend to leap before I look so I just went out there and tried to make it happen. It was only after 20 minutes that I finally asked people passing by if I was doing it right. As it turns out, I wasn’t, not even close. I also decided to build this snowman on a Monday morning so I had no help. Many hands make light work, so recruit some friends to help. If you’ve never made a snowman, I hope my experience helps you in your future snowman building endeavors.

Innsbruckers helping me finish the Snowman

I finally got two people to help me finish the snowman. Thanks Michael and Sofie!!!

Tools and Equipment for making a Snowman:

  • Shovel – This is probably the most important tool needed for building a proper snowman. I was fortunate enough to have the city workers let me borrow a shovel that made gathering the snow really easy. I don’t think I would have completed the snowman without it.
  • Branches – These will serve as arms.
  • Clothing – Without a tank top, beanie and gloves, all you have is three snow balls with two sticks branching out.
  • Facial features – Are you trying to make a snow mannequin? Exactly!

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