Ski jumping athletes Thomas Ortner and Martin Nagiller fly down the massive ramp, whilst MTB and Trials athlete Tom Öhler jumps up to the top of the Bergisel ski jumping tower – the fascinating structure that overlooks Innsbruck.

Watch Epic Innsbruck 19-05: Bike -Ski Jumping at Bergisel!

Meet the Athletes

No Epic Innsbruck episode is possible without the help and collaboration of talented athletes. This time ski jumpers Thomas Ortner and Martin Nagiller took on the huge Bergisel ski jump, while MTB and Trials legend (and double World Record holder!) Tom Öhler got tricky on his bike.

Planning a bike-ski jump film shoot at Bergisel

Tom and I have been trying to organise this shoot for over a year and a half now, but the weather conditions have to be just right. Of course having no rain or snow is good, but also the wind is a huge factor, especially for the ski jumpers. We had a lot of cancelled dates, so the anticipation was high this time round.

We finally found a new date where all athletes and crew were available, plus the weather was perfect. Myself and FPV drone pilot Paul Kuhn emailed Innsbruck’s airport tower to get clearance to fly our drones, and the athletes prepared themselves.

When we arrived in the morning, we had a briefing with all athletes, crew, and Bergisel staff. After walking through our first scenes, which was the opening shot, everyone got into position and we notified the airport that we were about to take flight.

 epic innsbruck, myinnsbruck, bergisel

Epic Innsbruck 19-05 opening shot. © Paul Kuhn

Time to fly at Bergisel

First we cleared the area and took any public spectators under our control (because of the drone flying and Tom riding his bike), then off we went! I wanted Paul to start with the amazing panorama view behind Bergisel with the city and Nordkette skyline in the background – it’s such an incredible view of the city.

epic innsbruck, myinnsbruck, bergisel, tom oehler

Jumping Tom. © Paul Kuhn

I then wanted him to chase the first ski jumper, before meeting Tom on his bike near the Olympic Rings for Tom’s jumping start and roof ride. Paul had the great idea of flying through one of the rings which was just fantastic – one of the great abilities of a race drone pilot.

With radio communication between myself, Paul and the athletes, we nailed the timing perfectly after just three takes – absolutely wicked!

ski jumper, epic innsbruck, myinnsbruck, bergisel

Paul Kuhn on the chase as Martin sends it. © Paul Kuhn

Half way up

The next big scene to capture was Tom climbing the stairs to the end of the ski jump (the table), waiting for a ski jumper to fly off then riding and jumping around before riding down the stairs towards the tower whilst performing all sorts of tricks. Paul chased the ski jumper, then followed Tom, again with perfect timing from everyone.

epic innsbruck, myinnsbruck, bergisel

Table meeting with Martin and Tom before take-off

At the top

The last section of this Epic Innsbruck episode was Tom arriving at the top of the Bergisel tower, riding through the Sky Restaurant (, then riding on top of the roof and finishing by looking at the unbelievable views of the city and surrounding mountains – EPIC!

epic innsbruck, myinnsbruck, bergisel

Tom arriving on the roof of Bergisel

Another Epic Innsbruck, another fantastic shoot! Keep your eyes peeled for the next one coming soon.


All photos © Ashley Wiggins, unless otherwise stated.

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epic innsbruck, myinnsbruck, bergisel

Thomas about to fly. © Paul Kuhn


To fly drones in Austria, you need permission from Austro Control. Flying drones with other aircraft in the sky requires special permission from Austro Control and Innsbruck Airport Tower, when flying in the Innsbruck restricted airspace.

Ski jumping and trail bike riding are extremely dangerous and should not be attempted without the appropriate training, experience and guidance. This film was produced with highly trained and experienced athletes. Bike riding in Bergisel is not allowed without prior permission.