Myself, Celine Blochberger, Paula Zibasa, Peter Kaiser and local trials biking legend Tom Oehler went snowbiking down the slopes of Muttereralm. This is how it went down – literally!

Snowbiking in Innsbruck

We got our bikes from Hotel Seppl, which is owned by Bernhard Fritz, who together with bike tour guide Markus Apperle (Appi) has been pioneering E-snowbiking in the Innsbruck area over the last few years.

Appi is a veteran Burton snowboarder who now guides mountain bikers in the summer and winter, as well as running his Snowbike School (supported by Conway Bikes).

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Snowbiking at Muttereralm

Planning the trip was very easy: we booked the bikes, picked them up from the hotel bike shed, and off we went! Simple as that.

The hotel is down the hill from the Muttereralm main lift station, but with an E-bike it’s not so difficult to get there 😉

snowbiking, innsbruck

Peter on the E-Bike and Tom on his Plus Bike spraying some snow!

I like the idea that you’re on the slopes together with skiers, snowboarders and sledders, but you’re on a bike (don’t forget your helmet and the protective gear!). But the fact that it is possible to go uphill with the electric motors is fantastic. It might be tough to go the whole way up, but it is definitely possible. Being able to stay in a hotel so close to the lift is great news for those who want to get up there fast.

Snowbiking, Innsbruck, drone, snowbike

Snowbiking to Innsbruck.


We had a great crew with us at Mutterer Alm. Tom Oehler is a local legend and brought his own motor-less bike – he is sponsored by Red Bull and has 2 World Records under his belt. You might have seen one his brilliant shows where he jumps on, off, and over various obstacles with people in between – the sort of stuff that doesn’t seem possible on a bike! 

Tom and I have been planning an Epic Innsbruck episode together for over a year now. Our original (top secret!) idea hasn’t yet been filmed; we hope to make it this spring/early summer though so look out for that one!

Celine Blochberger is studying sports science in Innsbruck, and is also a model, a biking guide, and she looks after the Rookie Downhill Team Tirol and is supported by Radsport Krug, Downhill Verein Tirol and Poc Sports.

Peter Kaiser travels the world biking and making films and can properly send it! Check out his Instagram for his epic pics and videos.

Last but not least, Paula Zibasa is a World Cup Rider in downhill and is part of the Sram Young Guns Team – and can get down the mountain faster than most guys!

Tom Oehler, Peter Kaiser, Paula Zibasa, Celine Blochberger

Being passed by a skier. From left to right: Tom Oehler, Peter Kaiser, Paula Zibasa, Celine Blochberger

The music – a tribute to The Prodigy’s Keith Flint!

I have been recording music since the age of 8 and been producing music for 13 years. The Prodigy were a huge inspiration in what I do today musically and with the recent loss of front man Keith Flint, I produced a rave/Prodigy style track in memory of him. RIP Keith!

More info about snowbiking at Muttereralm

Not only can you ski, snowboard or sled down the slopes, you can bike down too! Snowbiking is officially allowed on one particular trail, which is the blue slope connecting to the Rodelbahn (sledge track). There’s more info about it here on the Muttereralm website, or to organise your own epic day on E-snowbikes, contact Appi or Hotel Seppl through the links above.

Upcoming Epic Innsbruck Episodes

Here is the trailer for the first three Epic Innsbruck episodes of 2019. The next two will be released very soon!


All photos © Ashley Wiggins, unless otherwise stated.

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