Bobsled Start Line

Waiting for the races to start, I set up on the stands, picking a good spot.

The bobsled and skeleton World Cup took place over the December 15th weekend here in Innsbruck, which isn’t that surprising. Innsbruck is of course a world famous winter sports town! They often host events like the Olympics (Winter: Youth and Adult), ski jumping tournaments, hockey competitions, as well as a slew of other winter sporting events here. Although it is a great honor to host a World Cup of any sort…when I saw the advertisements for the event, it didn’t jump out as something I NEEDED to go to, but oh man, looking through the line up for the countries competing in bobsled the women’s Jamaican team was shown. Now they have my attention!

Cool Runnings… In Igls


Jamaican Team

Teams were getting prepared and warming up, getting all the finishing touches sorted.

Growing up I loved all things Disney, movies, cartoons, princesses, the works! I won’t go into super nerdy detail of my love… so that the internet still vaguely thinks I’m cool, but long story short I love Disney. So if you were a kid in the late 90’s you have probably heard of, if not seen the movie ‘’Cool Runnings’’ about the first ever Jamaican bobsled team going to the olympics in 1988. Cool runnings is a complete lie….. ok not a complete lie, but Disney-fied and made into a feature film, but the one fact we can take from it is that Jamaica does in fact HAVE a bobsled team, and they actually compete! I know, I was shocked too! Not only has Jamaica qualified for the upcoming olympics but from what I hear people realistically think they could medal! That was it, if Jamaica was gonna be in Innsbruck, I needed to take the time to go see them.

Jamaica at the Start

Second in the line-up, just after Japan, Jamaica takes their spot, ready to run.

Checking Out The Eiskanal

Bobsled Work area

Every country’s sled lined up, getting prepared.

Using the free shutte to the track, I headed up for the first women’s bobsled run. I couldn’t make it out for the whole event, it would have been nice to have gone all three days. Friday kicked off with men and women’s skeleton, which I find to be absolutely badass. I really don’t know how these athletes find the courage to dive head first onto a little sled to go barreling down the track at those break neck speeds! I definitely missed out. But I was glad the women started Saturday morning, as the weather was great, with the sun starting to peek out and cold crisp mountain air making a definitive winter day. Being live at the competition I  was so fascinated by those women’s bobsledders, the sprint in the beginning, the rush to get in and then only having their heads bobbling around as they navigate the course. Must be thrilling!

Canadian Bobsledders

It was definitely impressive to see them get so fast on ice!

It seems that even though it is nothing new for Innsbruck to have tons of sporting events around town in winter, there is always something new to discover to keep people coming back for more! Never boring, and you gotta love it! Watching future olympic athletes gearing up and doing what they love.

On the mountain

The gorgeous view of the mountains from the stands at the starting line.