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New Year’s Eve / Silvester in Innsbruck 2016

The year is coming to a close, a chance to look back and remember the good times and move on from the bad. It is time for celebrating and see the year out. How better can you do this than Silvester (New Year’s Eve) in Innsbruck?

I’ve now experienced three New Year celebrations here in the mountains, were they any good? Oh yes!

Every year I’ve had friends from England join in the fun. The first year we had dinner at the restaurant on top of Patscherkofel, followed by a party. It was a lot of fun, especially watching the fireworks all over the city from the mountain top. Surprisingly, my mates Rob and Max joined us the hard way, by ski touring and split boarding up with headlights and a bottle of Champagne in their backpack. At least they saved on the lift pass 😉

The following two years, I DJed in the Iglu called Cloud 9 [1], which is at 2000m on Nordkette and the cable car runs until 2.30am. This is directly opposite Patscherkofel, on the other side of the valley.

C Randall in Cloud 9

C Randall DJing in Cloud 9’s Iglu, above Innsbruck at 2000m. Photo: Nordkette. Jewel of the Alps

Both have been fantastic because of the views. Nordkette offers more of a party, but both offer a superb dinner, if that’s what you’re looking for.

When the clock strikes midnight, all you can see is tiny pockets of fireworks in Innsbruck city below and all the way up the surrounding valleys and mountain sides. It’s an amazing sight. At Nordkette is the spectacular fireworks show that explodes right above you.

Nordkette Fireworks

Fireworks for Silvester in Innsbruck. Photo: Nordkette. Jewel of the Alps.

Something I had never seen before and is an Austrian tradition: even though myself and fellow DJ Herr COCO [2] were playing House music, we play the Blue Danube Waltz at this moment.

Everyone, no matter what age begins to Waltz around together in the snow, their faces lit up with happiness and the different colours of the rainbow from the fireworks above. Lovely stuff!

Another tradition is fortune telling called Bleigießen (lead pouring/Molybdomancy). Tin is melted in a spoon above a candle. Once cooled in water, the shape of the metal represents your fortune. I personally haven’t done this, but the meanings of the different shapes can be found on Wikipedia [3]: a bubbly surface refers to money, a fragile or broken shape misfortune. Ships refer to travelling, keys to career advancement, a basket to a good mushroom year, and a horse to a new car.

And before midnight, what is more traditional that watching Dinner For One? Absolute classic!

Bergsilvester in Innsbruck Old Town and City Centre

If the mountain tops aren’t of interest to you, there are plenty of other things you can do. You can watch the fireworks lower down at Hungerburg, or down at the city level. There is live music and a party happening in the old town before and after midnight.


Innsbruck lit up! Photo: Innsbruck Tourism.

For the kids, there is the “Zwergerlsilvester [4]” party the day before, running from 2pm to 5pm. Fun and games and a fireworks finale at the Marktplatz “market square”.

Silvester-Dinner Bergisel Ski Jump

For a completely different perspective of the city and surrounding mountains, there is the unique and elegant opportunity to have dinner at the top of the Bergisel Ski Jump. This year is the third time the Bergisel SKY restaurant hosts the dinner and party – “With a glass of champagne, you can enjoy the last minutes of the year with unbeatable views of the city’s lights.” Tickets are available on their website [5] and it costs €69 per person.


Views of Innsbruck from the Bergisel SKY restaurant. Photo: Bergisel.

City clubbing

If you’re looking for a party in a rave atmosphere with 2500 people, Bergsilvester Nachtvögel [4] is being held in Dogana at Congress. Expect a massive party with Big Room beats basslines supplied by the sounds of Moonbootica and Mollono.Bass feat. Ava Asante.


What is also cool about this event is the “Disco Floor” playing funk and glamorous disco in another room, with DJs The Waz Exp., Der Alte and George Dee. Plus, the night before there will be a pre-party at Cloud 9 up at 2000m on the mountain, where I mentioned before. For ticket information about both events, check out their Facebook page [6].

My “insider tips” for Silvester in Innsbruck

No matter what you choose to do, make sure you get organised and book early. For all the events/dinner/parties I’ve gone to, the tickets have sold out pretty quickly.

If you are going up the mountain, a good pair of boots is highly recommended and you wouldn’t think how cold your feet can get, even though you might be dancing and have your beer jacket on. So a good pair of ski/warm socks will come in handy. For the after party or the after after party, Tante Emma will of course be open for the all nighters, playing ridiculously good House and Techno. Make sure you leave some room for the excellent cocktails made with love by bar manager Volker. It will be packed, so keep an eye on their Facebook page [7] for tickets/entry info and the DJs that will be playing on the night.

Celebrate the new year in the heart of the alps. If you’re travelling from England, there are now direct flights from Heathrow with British Airways [8]. BA also flies out from Gatwick just like Easyjet [9] does. Make a weekend of it and fit in some skiing/snowboarding while you’re here. Have fun!

For more information about what’s happening in Innsbruck for Silvester, go to the website [4].

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