As a dedicated hotel connoisseur who likes nothing better than to sleep my way around the world in cosmopolitan slumber, I always find it exciting when a new hotel opens with an irresistible appeal that rouses my curiosity. New on the Innsbruck hotel scene is Nala, which is just the type of hotel that captures my attention, a unique place where individuality and creativity join together to offer a panorama of room options to suit the mood of sophisticated visitors wanting something different from the standard. That panorama even includes a room called the Suite Pan Oh Rama. I like it!

Suite PanOhRama's elevated bathtub

Nala exterior

Nala offers more than 20 different types of rooms, including family rooms and self-contained apartments with kitchens for long-term stays. Several of Nala’s rooms with Asian themes such as Zen and Oriental provide serene sanctuaries in an unexpected contrast to their Tyrolean location, while other rooms like Bergisel and Suite Pan Oh Rama showcase European ingenuity inside and Innsbruck’s unrivalled scenery outside. How many accommodations have a bathtub on a platform rising above the middle of the room (see picture above) like the Suite Pan Oh Rama does? Film aficionados will love the big screen of the Cinema Suite, and lovers of horticulture will want to enjoy the green space that comes with the Garden Apartment. These are only a few examples of the rooms, each different from the other.

Nala a serene room smaller

When it comes time to leave the colourful premises, Hotel Nala’s convenient city-centre location places guests a short walk from the sights and tastes of Innsbruck’s attractions and restaurants. The mythological Hindu god Nala is known for his culinary ability, so it is not at all surprising to find excellent food in the hotel’s Italian restaurant, Beretta―another foodie destination to add to the impressive list of excellent eateries in Innsbruck.

Nala Beretta interior

For someone who stays in many five-star hotels all over the world, Hotel Nala offers a refreshing spirit of originality and cleverness often lacking in luxury accommodations that tend to be conservative and predicatble.  Nothing at Nala is predictable!  That is part of the fun of a place where the beautiful surroundings transport guests from the world they know at home to another world, and isn’t that what travel is all about?

Nala Beretta table

A stay at Nala can be booked on the Innsbruck Tourism website page for Nala Hotel

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