We are all being confronted with sudden and radical changes to our routines and lifestyles. In trying times like this we become more aware of the things and people we usually take for granted because they are always available. Nothing has made this more evident than one of the basic needs and pleasures: food. With a curfew being enforced and restaurants ordered to close their dining areas, it seems that life has come to a screeching halt. Fortunately for us, many people and businesses are going the extra mile to continue to provide for us.

We’ve put together a list of businesses that are still delivering food and groceries. We hope that these contacts help keep life as close to normal for all of us.

We also have a list of Innsbruck-based online shops delivering other goods HERE.

Local Farmer Produce, Meats, and Dairy:


Innsbruck’s resident farmers market has developed a delivery and pick up service to help vendors and customers alike. If you are already familiar with the vendors within Markthalle, you can call and place your order. The staff will put it together for you and have it ready for delivery or pick up the following day. They also have a veggie box for €30, which will include a variety of preselected seasonal veggies.

Markthalle Veggie Box © Markthalle

Some personal recommendations:

Bärlauch (Ramson or wild garlic) is in season and it won’t last long. Ramson is a broad-leaved garlic that grows at the very beginning of Spring and doesn’t stay around for long. The farmers at Markthalle already have it available; I just picked up a bunch. It makes great pesto, soup, and omelets.

Marianne Unterlechner has it ready and it costs € 1.30 per bunch.  You can also call her directly to see what other seasonal pickin’s she has at the moment. +43 699 105 756 03

Carrot Cheese from Thomas at Tiroler Schmankerl-Alm. This cheese is made with pressed carrot juice, which adds a nice little sweetness and beautiful color to it. I like it on its own with bread. They have a big selection of cheese, including different types of Tyrolean Grey Cheese (Graukäse). Their beef, pork, and deer sausages are also really good. +43 676 308 31 01

Peter telling us about one of his Mountain Cheese varieties

Peter Lieb Weerberg Standl has my favorite Kaspressknödel and Spinatknödel, both made by his daughter in law. He also has a variety of other dairy products including yogurt and butter. +43 676 534 63 08

Philip and Alex at BrotSchmiede have a great selection of artisan bread. I really like their spelt (Dinkel) croissants and my wife likes the Vinschgerl. Vinschgerl is a dark and dense bread made with rye flour.

Markthalle orders can be made by phone on +43 676 7735777 or by e-mail to marktleitung@markthalle-innsbruck.at.

Stauder Obst & Gemüse

Open Mon-Fri from 8:00 to 14:00, in the afternoon Stauder delivers free of charge in Innsbruck and surroundings from an order value of 35 Euro.

The Arzl Bauernladele

Free of charge to older people in Arzl! There is farmer’s bread, eggs, cake, cheese, milk and yogurt from sheep and cow, ham, smoked sausages, bacon, spreads, apples, etc. You can also pick up your farm-fresh goods after ordering via  phone +43 699 1111 2610


Due to the great demand, unfortunately, no further orders can be accepted at the moment, the best is to check the current status on the website.

BioBox Tirol

This company delivers organic products from the region, and around the world. Tel. +43 512 57 60 69 (Fridays – 09.00 to 13.00) E-Mail: hauszustellung@biobox-tirol.com

Telfs Businesses

This is a list of businesses in Telfs that remain open in an effort to provide the local community with the items they need to get by. The list is being continuously updated in case any changes occur.

This is a community effort providing shopping services for the elderly who cannot go out shopping because of risk to their health A group of volunteers is doing the shopping for them and delivering the goods to their doorstep. For anyone in need of these services, they can contact doris.perfler@telfs.gov.at or call 0676-8303-6041. They are also looking for more local volunteers!

Food Delivery:

Local restaurants delivering on their own:

Futterkutter has quickly become one of the local favorites for their ever-changing soup menu. Their recipes bring flavor from every corner of the world to Innsbruck. They recently decided to continue bringing us their culinary delights during these tough times and we couldn’t be happier. Delivery takes place between 11:30 and 13:00.
Order at loeffel@futterkutter-innsbruck.at or by phone 0699 17101774

Innsbruck Food Delivery Futterkutter Foto: @Futterkutter

The Burenwirt Express started this week and they have hit the ground running! Burenwirt has a cult following for their Pork Knuckle, pumpkin seed encrusted Schnitzel, and other traditional Austrian dishes. See their menu here and place orders by phone on +43 650 9830016

Niki (left), Daniel (right). © Markus Stegmayr

Due Sicilie, arguably one of the best pizza restaurants in town (I’ll fight you for it!), is delivering! Orders can be placed via their own app or by phone. They’re even offering 10% discounts on their menu when ordering by Phone +43 512 552286

Another pizza place with three locations offering delivery is Nemati’s. They are one of the quickest options for pizza delivery.  Saggen: 0512 572-525; Innrain 91: 0512 579-696; Techcnikerstraße 1: 0512 9337-555

Delivery Services and Apps:

Lieferando and Mjam have both updated their delivery procedure to limit contact with customers. If you don’t already use these services, you can download the apps or order from their websites. Both services offer an extensive selection of local and foreign cuisine.

Burkia and Neuwirt offer a great selection of local dishes while restaurants like Woosabi offer a variety of Asian fusion plates. Wild West Burger and Phil’s American Diner whip up classic American options.  All of these restaurants are listed on the Lieferando and Mjam services. There’s never been a better time to try something new!

Packaged Grocery Delivery Services


For basic packaged goods like drinks and snacks, Inndrinks delivers to your door from 20:00 to 2:00. They even have a selection of homemade dishes available. We urgently ask you to pay by card! Phone +43 664 54 77 199 web: https://www.inndrinks.at/

Drunken Monkeys

Also delivering basic packaged goods and even toilet paper, Drunken Monkeys delivers to your door during the evening hours. Orders can be placed through their website or Facebook page.