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Game Season Specialties at Schwarzer Adler

Autumn has brought game season along for the ride. Eating organic and shopping local are the hottest trends in food, Venison and other wild meats should be the trendiest options during this season. Venison is high in protein and low in saturated fat. It provides high levels of B vitamins, all of the ten essential amino acids, and iron. Venison is also low in calories and cholesterol. Compared to beef; Venison tastes better, provides more nutrition, and unless you’re eating an endangered species, it’s the most environmentally-friendly option for meat. Humans hunting for food, a tradition dating back thousands of years.


Venison at Kapuzinerkeller in Schwarzer Adler [1]

Venison is noticeably lean, with little or no marbling from fat.

A common description for wild meats is “gamey”. Most chefs despise that term. The taste of Venison is more pungent and complex than beef. Game meats are noticeably lean because wild animals get more exercise than farm animals. The complex flavor profiles are directly connected to the animal’s diet. In the wild, herbivores inadvertently ingest plenty of insects and their eggs, giving them different nutrients that alter the taste in meat. Cooking game meat is a delicate matter and very easily ruined when cooked improperly. Most often overcooked to a point that it tastes like liver. Advice: let a pro handle it. Chef Lukas Spindlegger at Schwarzer Adler masterfully prepares traditional Tirolean dishes with the finest meats from the region.

Kapuzinerkeller at Schwarzer Adler [2]

Spread of cured meats, chutneys and sauces.

Schwarzer Adler [3] is famous for its 500 year-old history and tasteful, individually decorated rooms. The family owned landmark hotel also knows how to put on a feast for game season. They gathered an interesting mix of folks in “Kapuzinerkeller,” their historic vaulted cellar. It’s a spacious, yet intimate setting; perfect for private dinners, dance parties and “When Nature Calls”.  Guests were greeted with wine from the moment they set foot inside, it continued to flow throughout the evening.

One of the dining settings at Schwarzer Adler [4]

This 500 year old vaulted cellar is an ideal place for a special dinner or private party.

The feast began with a great spread of sausages, cured meats, sauces and chutneys. More wine was poured and followed by Chef Lukas Spindlegger’s traditional game specialties. The chef presented each dish with matching wines to balance flavor profiles. Each dish was decadent and hearty, each wine pour generous. Chef Lukas Spindlegger masterfully incorporated Venison and Wild Boar into traditional meals like a Wild Boar Soup and broth combo, stewed beef, and slow roasted Venison. Don’t miss your opportunity to taste these seasonal delicacies.

Chef at Schwarzer Adler [5]

Chef Lukas Spindlegger introducing his dish to guests.


Schwarzer Adler [6] for reservations.

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