aDLERS Hotel is widely renowned as a top hotel in Innsbruck for its elegant rooms, amazing service, first class spa, roof-top bar and restaurant with panoramic views of the mountains. aDLERS Hotel continues to innovate their services by introducing Afternoon Tea service. To some, it may sound like an odd choice as Afternoon Tea is often touted as a British specialty. Not so. After all, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world, next to water, of course.

Macaron options from Afternoon Tea at Adlers Hotel

Pastry options at Afternoon Tea at Adlers Hotel

Disclaimer: I am an avid tea drinker, so this event really struck a chord with me.

Tea boasts more than a wide range of flavors, aromas and colors. It’s also beneficial to your health in more ways than can be mentioned here. Delivering powerful antioxidants and warding off free-radicals, it’s a powerful anti-cancer boost. Weight loss, stamina, focus, protection of teeth, bones, skin and hydration are just a few of the benefits from drinking tea regularly. Teas don’t all do the same thing and no one tea does it all. It’s also safe to say that tea won’t cure anything but it definitely contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

aDLERS Hotel Afternoon Tea

Lots of special guests were present, including @whoismocca and @kitschik


Fabian, heading the Afternoon Tea session for aDLERS Hotel, was very knowledgeable and mentioned some of the health benefits from drinking tea as he introduced the new service to the guests invited to preview this new menu. The tea buffet includes teas from South America, Africa, Asia, Europe and will soon include new options as they continue to develop the menu.

Afternoon Tea aDLERS Hotel

Fabian preparing a special tea for me

Fabian himself prepared what he called a “special tea” for me, listed as “Walk in the Day”. He placed chucks of fresh ginger, mint and lime in a tea pot, muddle it, added vervain and honey and poured boiling water over the mix. I was in dire need of this since I was trying to fight off an on-setting cold. I felt relieved moments after I began to sip on it. Fabian and I engaged in a very pleasant and insightful conversation about the vast options of tea and the many benefits one can obtain from drinking them. It was very evident that he is as much a fan of (maybe more) as I am.

Presenting Afternoon Tea at Adlers Hotel

Sonja, Harald, Fabian, and Charlotte were excited to introduce the new Afternoon Tea at aDLERS Hotel


Charlotte, the Pastry Chef from Lyon, France, created tasty and beautiful treats to accompany the drinks. The “Chocolate Dream” and “Pistache Gourmande” where phenomenal. My favorite had to be the “Sweet Lemon” – a tasty cube of lemon cream with passion fruit in the middle. She drew inspiration from her world travels to create these decadent delights. Charlotte is as excited about Afternoon Tea as she is stoked to hit the slopes this winter.

Adlers Hotel Afternoon Tea Time

Pistache Gourmande – Pistachio biscuit, raspberry cream cracker, filled with pistachio whipped cream

Champagne, Prosecco and savory snacks were also available in addition to the sweets. Bruschetta, Lox and Chicken Sandwiches were some of the savory snacks we enjoyed with our tea.


Tea culture, much like wine and coffee can be intimidating if you don’t know your way around the different flavors and serving techniques. This is a great opportunity to learn about why it is such a popular drink in every continent while indulging in it. The staff is well-versed in the topic and eager to share their passion for tea with you and your loved ones.

You can expect to be treated like royalty by the family and staff at aDLERS Hotel. I was a bit shocked at Sonja, the owner, remembering my name from last year’s Game Season dinner at one of their other hotels, Hotel Schwarzer Adler Innsbruck. This year, instead of deer specialties, they will be doing a traditional Törggelen dinner. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for more details on that.


Afternoon Tea is available every Saturday at the rooftop restaurant and available in two different packages. Both packages include expert advice and tea preparation from the Fabian and staff. Private parties can also be arranged for birthdays, meetings or just because.

Prosecco Afternoon Tea package:
Savory and sweet snacks, a glass of Prosecco, and tea buffet with 12 options. €26.00

Champagne Afternoon Tea Package:
Savory and sweet snacks, a glass of Champagne, and tea buffet with 12 options. €32.00

Check out the aDLERS Hotel Facebook page for more info on this and other events.