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4 Amazing Sushi Restaurants In Innsbruck

Sushi—it’s fresh, it’s healthy and it’s delicious. You can grab a few rolls for lunch or make a fancy meal out of it. There are great vegetarian and vegan options. And as a cold dish, you can order it as takeaway and not worry about it getting cold before it reaches your front door.

Ten years ago, there were almost no sushi restaurants in Innsbruck (and yes, that was as horrific as it sounds). Then suddenly, Innsbruckers discovered the joys of sushi and restaurants started popping up on every corner. So here are four of our favourite sushi restaurants in Innsbruck for delicious Japanese food, either for eating in or for takeaway.

Ena Sushi, Schöpfstrasse, Wilten

The family-run Ena Sushi [1] had the misfortune to open only a few weeks before the first coronavirus lockdown. This would have been the end for most restaurant businesses. But not for Ena Sushi. Thanks to their wonderful sushi creations, the restaurant has managed to weather the storm and has quickly become a local favourite.

Best thing on the menu? So it should be said here that you shouldn’t be put off by the “chili-mayonnaise” rolls on the menu, they are more delicious than the name would suggest. But that said, my personal favourite is the “Ena Rainbow Spezial” teriyaki roll. It’s a fish feast with salmon, tuna, prawns and octopus and it’s simply amazing.

Some of Ena’s delicious sushi offerings. © Ena Sushi

Sushi House, Museumstrasse, City Centre

Another new kid on the block, the Sushi House [2] recently opened up in the heart of Innsbruck city centre and is already getting positive reviews. They have probably the biggest range of sushi types, with everything from your regular maki and nigiri right through to sashimi and uramaki. Particularly noteworthy is their presentation—the sushi creations are served on fancy slate platters for a sophisticated look.

Best thing on the menu? As one of the few places in town with large temaki rolls, that gets my vote. These handheld sushi snacks are not the cheapest, but they do make for a very convenient lunch!

Fancy plates at Innsbruck’s newest sushi restaurant. © Sushi House

Sensei, Maria-Theresien-Strasse, City Centre

If you’re looking for high quality, then this is the place to come. The Sensei Sushi Bar [3] has a prime location on Innsbruck’s Maria-Theresien-Strasse [4] (including tables outside) and is run by renowned sushi chef Dil Ghamal, who mixes traditional Japanese cuisine with Western influences to create some stunning sushi platters. With such an exquisite menu on offer, you won’t be surprised to hear that Sensei has won multiple Falstaff and Gault-Millau awards.

Best thing on the menu? The quality of the ingredients here is high so go for the sashimi. Rich, tender cuts of fish, seasoned to a high level? You can’t go wrong.

Putting the finishing touches to this sushi platter. © Sensei Sushi Bar

 Woosabi, Herzog-Otto-Strasse, Old Town

Now time for something completely different (but related). Asian fusion restaurant Woosabi [5] doesn’t have regular sushi on the menu. Instead, they have an unbelievably tasty sushi bowl, which takes all the ingredients of a salmon and avocado sushi roll and mixes them into a very tasty bowl. With a delicious sweet-and-sour paprika sauce. And some sesame oil. It’s great!

Best thing on the menu? As the paragraph above would suggest, it’s the sushi bowl. But Woosabi’s [6] main speciality, Bao buns, are also to die for.

Sushi… in a bowl! © Woosabi


Featured Image: Photo by Kasumi Loffler [7] from Pexels [8]