From June 7th to the 10th Innsbruck was alive with music – Urban Brass music to be exact! Organized by Innsbruck’s own StreetNoise Orchestra and featuring seven street bands totaling over 150 musicians from across Europe, this festival kept everyone’s toes tapping all over. The local brass band, StreetNoise Orchestra, has been THE activist street band in Innsbruck and its surroundings since 2014. They brought all their friends to share in their passion for music.

Parade Musicians

The streets were flooded with people, all trying to get a closer look.

I was told by my contact Marco, who plays tuba for the StreetNoise Orchestra, that they have traveled all over Europe. Brass bands have a custom, that if they are invited to play somewhere you must invite the host band to your neck of the woods to play. So, instead of just inviting one band, this festival was born, inviting bands from all over.

Landhausplatz Musicians

It all started at the Landhausplatz, from there they would groove through town.

Stafiato brought a packed weekend of music to Innsbruck!

The weekend kicked off on Friday with a joint live rehearsal with all the bands, where my source tells me they played until well after day break the next morning! There was no time to rest though, not that they would want to… Saturday morning you could find street concerts all over town. Then, a little later from the Landhausplatz to Waltherpark, a parade took place. The parade strolled through Maria-Theresien street and across the bridge, taking plenty of time to groove about and draw a large crowd of spectators as they went. 

Costumed musicians

Each group had a different style and different outfits, but all were united in music.

But it didn’t stop there: after the parade and jamming in the park everyone headed over to Treibhaus for a party! Just when you thought the fun was maybe over, it continued on Sunday, heading up the Nordkette for a concert at Seegrube, then again back to Treibhaus to perform. Given that Monday was a holiday, this was reserved for a picnic jam, and some goodbyes at Rapoldipark.

The bands all really gave it their all, with just a non-stop stream of good vibes and great music. It was amazing that the different bands simply took turns – one would finish a piece and then another would strike up the band, not in competition but in cooperation!

Grooving on the Landhausplatz

Each group would take turns playing a piece, once one finished the next started, sometimes mixing together or adding on.

What a Parade!

Watching all the bands stroll through the streets of Innsbruck was a treat, but the parade wasn’t just musicians, they invited local artists as well! There were clowns with red noses, jugglers, dancers on stilts, and also artists that made giant face masks showing various emotions. These giant masks were free for the public to take, wear and walk with.

Masks on the Landhausplatz

It wasn’t just musicians, local artists were included as well, showing off their talent. One group made masks for the public to wear and join in with.

My favorite clown was one I called Ms. Serious! Not sure what her name really was, come to think of it… She would run around warning people to be careful crossing the street, and had a permanent face of fear and worry! Or maybe my favorite was the one running around with a leek in each hand…. Who am I kidding, they were all fantastic!

Parade at the Annasäule

The parade went straight down Maria-Theresien Street, drawing a lot of attention as they went.

Treibhaus was groovin’

Milfshake band

I got to the party just in time to see Milfshake take the stage with Britney Spears’ Toxic.

All three floors of Treibhaus were full of people listening in. I arrived right as one of my favorites took the stage. They are called Milfshake and are from France. They were playing covers of all the hits, ‘Toxic’, ‘Get Lucky’, ‘Ceiling can’t hold us’; they really had the place jumping and dancing along with every song!

My contact at the event told me that apparently France has the tradition that all architecture students play in a brass band! I have never heard of such an odd tradition, but boy am I glad they have to play, because this band was amazing. They also had parts which were choreographed, and really engaged the crowd.

The goal is to make this event happen every year, but there is a lot of organizing to do. Let’s hope it becomes a regular thing, ‘cos it was amazing!


All Photos : @Laura Wunsch