Looking for Mother’s Day inspiration? Innsbruck has no shortage of great gifts, activities and experiences to treat your mum this Mother’s Day. Here are a few of my favourites.

Time is precious

Young mothers are constantly being told to “treasure this time” – but it’s true for all mothers. So take your mum out this Mother’s Day. Spend some of that precious time with her and make some memories she will treasure forever.

If your mum is the sporty type – head up into the mountains. The walk up to Arzler Alm is one of my favourite afternoon strolls. It’s a lovely (short) walk up through the woods and you’ll be rewarded with great views and delicious food. For mums with young children – they have just opened a new playground so you can enjoy chasing your kids around on the play equipment or treat yourself to a quiet drink if Dad’s doing the chasing today 🙂

Arzler Alm mountain hut Innsbruck

© TVB Innsbruck / Hilde Nairz

If you have babies or toddlers – there’s a nice short walk to Vogelhütte in Lans. The food at Vögelhütte is simple but delicious (the Kaspressknödel cheese dumplings are excellent) and there is a little outdoor playground for children to enjoy if the weather is good. You can park at the car park by the mini golf in Lans and route is paved so it is buggy friendly.

Buggy walk Innsbruck Lans Vögelhütte

If your mum likes culture – you can experience the main hotspots in Innsbruck in 24 hours with the Innsbruck Card. The Imperial Palace is wonderful and gives a great insight into the Habsburgs in Innsbruck. I like to visit the palace in the morning so I can wander through the Imperial Gardens afterwards – which are wonderful in May when everything is in blossom or starting to flower – and then head to the Hungerburgbahn funicular and up to the Nordkette mountain range for lunch with an unbeatable view.

Hofburg Imperial Palace Innsbruck

© TVB Innsbruck / Christof Lackner

If your mum enjoys great food – treat her to a Mother’s Day brunch. My favourite brunch place is Soul Kitchen in Innsbruck. The food is great and the venue is cool but kid friendly. Brunch costs € 27.90 per person and is well worth the price tag for a special occasion. It’s very popular so be sure to book a table in advance.

If your mum likes music – there is a Mother’s Day concert with the Wilten Boys’ Choir at Congress Innsbruck on 13 May. It’s day early but I’m sure she’ll forgive you that. Plus you can always give her a little something extra on the day.

A little thank you

Speaking of a little something, chocolate and flowers may be a stereotype but they are always well received. So why not pick her up something from Arko in Innsbruck’s historic old town? Their chocolates are absolutely delicious and look beautiful too.

Chocolate Innsbruck present gift truffels

Flowers can be tricky in Innsbruck on a Sunday. If you plan ahead, you can get beautiful flowers in the Markthalle market hall until 1 pm on Saturday. The ones pictured below are from Blumen Fleischmann in the Markthalle and they have a great selection of plants and bouquets for a good range of prices. There is also live music in front of the Golden Roof on Saturday 13 May and mums will be given Mother’s Day flowers and invited to enjoy a glass of prosecco.

Flowers Markthalle Innsbruck market hall

Great gifts

One of my favourite shops in Innsbruck is ‘s Kastl on Riesengasse in Innsbruck’s historic old town. The shop is full of great gifts produced by different manufacturers, designers and local producers – delicious chocolates and organic products, jewellery, decorations, soap, candles, leather goods, stuff for kids and lots more. You’ll be able to find lovely gifts to suit all budgets and they even have a few Mother’s Day specials and discounts.

Gifts Innsbruck 's Kastl presents Mother's Day

Tiroler Feinheiten on Pfarrgasse (near the cathedral) is also a great place to find something special. The shop is home to lots of good gifts, accessories, clothes, jewellery, etc. You’re sure to find something here that your mum will love – and quite possibly something you also can’t leave without!

Gifts Innsbruck presents Tyroler Feinheiten

Swarovski is of course a great place to get something sparkly for your mum this Mother’s Day. You will be spoilt for choice at the shop on Herzog-Friedrich-Straße.

Swarovski gifts Innsbruck presents jewellery

Make it yourself

If your kids love crafts, a handmade card or pressie could be the perfect gift. There is a Mother’s Day crafts session at the West shopping centre in Innsbruck on 12 and 13 May. This is a double present really – Mum gets handcrafted flowers on Mother’s Day AND potentially a couple of hours of peace and quiet the day before while the kids are off crafting with Dad. If you want to make something at home, there is a small but great craft shop on Innrain, two minutes from the old town.

For children that aren’t so interested in crafts, a video message is a fun and touching alternative – something a mum will treasure forever. Innsbruck is filled with great places to make one so just pick a view and get shooting. Remember to keep the bloopers – they are the gift that keeps on giving.

Don’t forget a card

Finally – don’t forget a card. My favourite card shop is Jeggle on Burggraben in the centre of Innsbruck. They always have cards that are that extra bit special and they have a selection of Mother’s Day cards and postcards.

Jeggle cards shop Innsbruck

All photos © Jenny Bartholomew / BarLinn Translations unless otherwise stated.