Innsbruck is magical in winter, the snow falling, the mountains so close, it is definitely a winter wonderland! This year, it will be even more majestic as the Hofgarten Imperial Gardens are transformed into a light show, LUMAGICA Innsbruck. Even though we are still struck by covid restrictions, it’s easy to forget your troubles while walking around the garden and taking in the spectacle. 

First Night Line

Though the line LOOKS long, it went by really fast, we were in, in no time!

Worth The Wait!

LUMAGICA Innsbruck is definitely worth the wait! Originally, this event was slated to start much earlier, but the second lockdown due to covid pushed it back. December 7th 2020 was opening day, and it will be around until January 10th 2021, daily from 5.30pm. There are several interactive light installations, projections and a symphony of sound to enjoy as the park is transformed into a beautiful, magical world of lights. 

Light Arch

Don’t forget to look up, the lights are sparkling everywhere!

Smiles All Around

This show is fun for the whole family, the tall and the small. It was pretty neat walking through and seeing a post that said “shake me” that when shook made the butterfly lights dance, or musical pedals that turned lights on and off. There were lots of kids running around, and plenty of smiles. 

Light Orbs

Many fixtures were interactive, here if you clapped in different spots the lights turned various colors! Absolutely beautiful!

A Rich History

Every 6 minutes or so, there is a dazzling light show projected on the side of a building near the entrance, depicting the history of the Imperial Gardens. It only lasts a few minutes, but it is stunning, giving facts about the garden I never knew, even after years of living here.

Hofgarten Show

Don’t miss the enchanting light show depicting the history of the garden.

So Much To See

The path winds through the garden, with wooden signs to guide you as you mosey from fixture to fixture. Make sure to take your time and snap a picture! There are over 300 light sculptures with everything from elegant stags, to soaring geese, hearts, bulbs and so much more! 

Stag in Lights

Glancing back to a time where stags roamed freely around the garden.

Safety First!

Of course, no event like this can be possible without certain precautions! We must remain vigilant in the fight against corona, safe and responsible. It is an outdoor event which means there is plenty of space for everyone, with admission scattered to ensure that everyone has space to enjoy the show, while maintaining distance. Don’t forget your mask, even though it’s an outdoor event, a mask is still required! 

Interactive Tree

Another interactive fixture, brilliantly changing colors on the tree.

Stop On By

Entrance Bird

Take your time strolling through the park, make sure to take it all in!

It is rather uncertain how the holiday season will pan out in Innsbruck this year, given the current pandemic. It’s nice to know that through all the difficulties, there are still events like this to amaze and entertain us! 

Lighted Orbs

I had so much fun checking out all the lights and colors, I’ll definitely have to go again!


Innsbruck will sparkle! Make sure you take the opportunity to stare in awe, it’s worth it. 


All Photos : @Laura Wunsch