Light shows are becoming more and more popular as tourist attractions. Again this year Innsbruck is joining in the fun. Last year Innsbruck put on a light show at the Hofburg Imperial Palace in Innsbruck, portraying Kaiser Max. This year it is a story of fire, ice and some pretty funky marmots!

Building in Flames

Take in this brilliant light show, and watch the building go up in flames!

Watch the trailer for Innsbruck’s Lightshow Mount Magic

This year’s light show is called Mount Magic, and turns the inside courtyard of the Hofburg Imperial Palace into a canvas full of magic. Here is the story: the marmot’s family home is destroyed, and everyone runs their separate ways. In his attempt to find his family one headphone-rocking marmot searches through some surreal situations and scenarios.

One minute we are climbing up the Nordkette mountains to Frau Hitt, the next we are under the sea with whales swimming past, not to mention several other scenes including a dance number! 

Dancing Marmots

There is always time in a story for a dance break! So fun!

Don’t Blink, You’ll Miss Something!

The whole story is projected over 1300 square meters of the courtyard walls – sometimes it is hard to know where to look! I found myself turning my head back and forth just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. The images are so intricate that there are several details to take in! I especially liked that you can find a lot of references to Innsbruck and the surrounding area, like for example the Hungerburgbahn Station

Hungerburg Clock Station

There were so many Innsbruck references and sites shown, pretty neat!

Plenty of Opportunities to Watch

From now until January 19th you can catch the show every day, either at 17:30 or 18:30, to make sure it is dark enough to make the lights pop! It is mostly standing room, but there is limited seating. I didn’t mind standing to be honest! If you want, you can also see the light show from last year – just a little later in the evening at 19:30 you can check out the Max 500 show depicting the life of Emperor Maximilian. 

Frozen Courtyard

The entire courtyard was frozen over, crystalizing right before your eyes!

Total Family Fun!

This fun family friendly show won’t hit your wallet too hard either: adult admission is only €10, there is a youth ticket for €4 and under 6’s are free when accompanied by an adult. Or maybe you’re staying in Innsbruck and have the Innsbruck Card? Show your Innsbruck Card, and gain 1 free entry! Another tip to save is to simply see the show on Monday – ‘Magic Monday’ shows are only €7!

Giant Hair Dryer

What better way to thaw out than with a giant hair dryer!

But Wait, There’s MORE!

But of course, it is an Innsbruck event, which guarantees more bang for your buck! Your light show ticket also discounts your visit to the Light Festival at Swarovski Crystal Worlds, and also discounts the Natalie Light Musical Show in Brixen! 

Exit Sign

And just like that, it was over… this show had a little bit of everything and was absolutely spectacular!

Don’t miss your chance to be dazzled by this charming and fun light show.


All Photos : @Edith Hamberger