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Bergmesse at Axamer Kögele

With no weekend plans set, I resorted to Facebook, hoping to find something fun to do around Innsbruck. I came across a post by Axamer Lizum [1] promoting Bergmesse at Axamer Kögele (mountain mass). Not exactly what I was looking for, but it seemed like a very Tyrolean thing to do. Mass on a mountain, why not? I hadn’t been to mass in a long time and the weather was nice so Bergmesse seemed like a great thing to do. I assumed it would be held at Hoadlhaus, but that was not the case. Of course not, that would be too easy for the locals. When I asked a staff member for the exact location, he pointed to Axamer Kögele. Unprepared for hiking, I arrived wearing sandals. I must admit, that was a silly decision on my part.

Mass on a mountain, why not?

Axamer Lizum during summer

Beautiful weather at the Hoadlhaus

The hike wasn’t long or very challenging, but proper footwear would have helped a bit. It took approximately 40 minutes to arrive. Everyone marched there like ants in a line.

Axamer Lizum

Hiking to Bergmesse at Axamer Kögele


Dozens of people gathered to listen to the sermon and pay their respects to everyone that has passed on the mountains.

Axamer Lizum during summer

Beautiful weather for a mass

Attendees were treated to gorgeous weather and a beautiful backdrop. I would be more inclined to attend mass on a regular basis if it was always held here.

Bergmesse at Axamer Kögele

Mountain congregation at Axamer Kögele

The sermon paid respects to the individuals that have passed on the mountains and asked for protection over all the rescue workers from the Bergrettung, keeping mountain enthusiasts safe.

Bergmesse at Axamer Kögele

Bergmesse at Axamer Kögele

It was a very enjoyable experience and I learned a valuable lesson from it: When in Innsbruck, ALWAYS be prepared for a hike, you can bet Innsbruckers will be.


Keep an eye on the Axamer Lizum FB page [2] for future activities like this one.