Recently a friend from London asked me if there was any guerrilla gardening in Innsbruck. It took me a moment to answer because I haven’t seen any gorillas in Innsbruck – even up at the Alpine Zoo….

Alpine Zoo Innsbruck

No seriously though – jokes aside – if you haven’t heard of guerrilla gardening, it’s a trend hitting cities worldwide. Basically people are trying to improve their cities and towns by introducing gardens into neglected industrial areas and abandoned lots. Some of them are really impressive as you can see here at or Pimp Your Pavement.

The guerrilla gardening movement really like sunflowers and other highly visible perennials. Armed with this information I took a look around Innsbruck to see if I could find any guerrilla gardens in our midst.

You only have to spend a minute looking at Google maps to know there are a lot of gardens all over Innsbruck. Innsbruck is so green it can even take minute to locate our beautiful Imperial Gardens from above. It’s also difficult to find industrial areas and even more difficult to find anywhere that looks abandoned. I went to the outskirts of town and out to the airport, no luck. In fact, I found farms.

Innsbruck nature Serles

I also had a look around the University and the hospital. But everywhere I looked I found flowers, well groomed garden areas or farmland. Yes, there are still farmed plots within the city here in Innsbruck. This wasn’t a big surprise, last year I saw a deer in Hötting. And right now you can sheep from the Inn Bridge. Innsbruck really is at one with nature!

Alpine guerrilla gardening

I guess this means guerrilla gardening has yet to make its way to Innsbruck. Maybe we’re lucky enough to be missing the requisite abandoned areas. Hopefully the city will stay green enough in the years to come that it will never be needed. Or maybe there’s an area I’ve missed? If you know of a guerrilla garden around town. Leave a note in the comments, I’d love to visit it.