I had the pleasure of filming this year’s Air + Style snowboard festival for Innsbruck Tourism. Not only did I film the whole event for a recap video, but I also recorded some interviews with help from fellow Innsbruck bloggers Paul Pastourmatzis and Laura Wunsch. This article details what we got up to.

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The concept for Air + Style

The video concept for Air + Style Innsbruck 2017 was developed with Moni Nadegger and Chris Steger from Innsbruck TVB and myself. The idea was to capture the event from different perspectives in a point-of-view kind of style. This would give the viewer a feeling of what the event was like, through the eyes of a festival goer/a snowboarder/an artist/a VIP.

Female snowboarders getting ready.

Filming the girls at the top of the tower. Photo: Laura Wunsch.

It started on the Thursday afternoon where I recorded two different time-lapses, one from my GoPro and the other from my Canon C100 mk2. Wherever possible, I try to capture different angles, not only for backup purposes, but also for different options in the edit, which is always worth having.

Air + Style drop-in.

Catching the drop-in at 16 stories high. Photo: Laura Wunsch.

Friday was a full day and evening. Even though the recap video is just over two and a half minutes long, the special moments can only be captured by filming as much as possible.

On Saturday I planned to turn up at about lunchtime, but I heard through the grapevine that practice started at 10am and after speaking with Billy Morgan (Red Bull, No Fear, GB Park and Pipe) and current world number 2 Katie Ormerod (Red Bull, Roxy, Worm app), they agreed to strap my GoPro to their helmet for a run each, thank you Billy and Katie!

Rowan Coultas, Ashley Wiggins, Billy Morgan

Catching jokes with Rowan Coultas to my left and Billy Morgan to my right. Photo: Laura Wunsch.

The whole event’s footage was just over 100Gb and the recap video took about 20 hours to edit. This is the final piece:

Additionally to the recap video, I filmed and cut a Crankworx promo video and many interviews with the riders, The Naked And Famous, DJ Busy Fingaz from Wax Wreckaz and Jim Stewart from Butta.

Billy Morgan interview.

Getting ready to interview Billy Morgan, GBR. Photo: Laura Wunsch.

Wax Wreckaz

The first of the interviews to talk about is with Claudio aka DJ Busy Fingaz. He is one of the DJs in the DJ/production crew Wax Wreckaz. They played a set at this year’s festival and are locals, so I thought it would be great to feature one of the tracks as the official music for the Innsbruck Tourism from Air + Style.

Ashley Wiggins and DJ Busy Fingaz of Wax Wreckaz.

Successful interview with DJ Busy Fingaz of Wax Wreckaz. Photo: Laura Wunsch.

Their track “Heavyweight Sound” caught my attention because it has wicked energy, a pumping sound and lyrics that perfectly fit to a competition. Also the track features Dynamite MC who is from London and I have been following his music for many years. Thank you Busy Fingaz, Wax Wreckaz and their label Crispy Crust Records for allowing us to use the track as the official music for Air + Style 2017. You can purchase the track online today.

Crankworx Innsbruck 2017

Innsbruck welcomes Crankworx this summer for the first time from 21st to 25th June. It is definitely an event not to be missed!

Between bands at Air + Style, Austrian mountain biker Tom Öhler (Red Bull) and his team mate gave the crowd some trial bike action to promote this action packed event. Using the rails, ramps and boxes set up on the landing of the huge snowboard jump, both riders performed technical stunts that wowed the crowd. Here’s the video which also includes an interview with Tom himself:

The Naked And Famous

The Naked And Famous are from New Zealand and their track “Young Blood” featured the sound track of Red Bull’s The Art of Flight. It is an epic snowboard video and if you haven’t seen it, I very much recommend it. It’s free to watch on the Red Bull TV website.

Interviewing Alisa and Thom from The Naked And Famous in the Gibson bus. Photo: Paul Pastourmatzis.

Alisa Xayalith from the band talks about this in their interview. They put on a great show as the sun was about to set, check it out:


The jump at Air + Style is massive, it is 16 stories high and very steep. You would have thought that was enough to get some good lift. It is, but to get more, the riders wax their boards. Every year, British company Butta are at the ready with their own secret recipe to make the riders fly even higher.

Find out what Butta’s Director Jim Stewart thinks about Innsbruck:


Interviews with the riders

Unfortunately we didn’t manage to interview all of the riders, but we caught up with quite a few of them, including the winners Max Parrot of Canada and Enni Rukajärvi of Finland.

Filming the crowd at Air + Style.

Capturing the huge crowd at the main stage. Photo: Laura Wunsch.

It was interesting to hear what the riders thought about the event and Innsbruck City. All interviews can be viewed in the below playlist, don’t forget to share you favourite videos.

Air + Style Innsbruck 2017 was an epic event, I am already looking forward to next year. Are you coming?

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