Covid-19 has definitely affected the Innsbruck summer vibe – life is not completely back to normal, and masks are still required in a lot of places – so it’s important to take some time to enjoy life and enjoy the summer where you can. Metropolkino and the Olympiaworld stadium have teamed up to show Innsbruck what it’s like to enjoy the big screen while maintaining distance, and staying safe from the comfort of your own car! Transport yourself back in time to the drive-in movie era, and classic Grease type summer feeling! Let’s go to the Drive-In! 

Evenings at the Drive-In

I remember hearing stories from my mom about going to the drive-in in her aunt’s convertible, stuffed to the brim with all her siblings. It had the reputation of being a family friendly place, and was fairly cheap entertainment for a car full of kids! It was special, and a real treat! I have been to a few in my life, but they are harder to find nowadays. I’ve seen more abandoned drive-ins in the US than operational ones, which is a pity, given the fun surrounding the whole experience! Drive-in movies were once a worldwide phenomenon popping up all around the world, and now you can enjoy a drive-in movie right here in Innsbruck! 

Car Line Up

Ushers line up the cars, getting ready for the movie to start!

Get your tickets now!

You can enjoy the Drive-In experience for only 19,90 EUR per car – just like the classic drive-in time the price is per car, not per person, which makes this a real deal! If you don’t have a car, that’s cool too: 8,50 EUR per person will get you in and there is an area you can watch from without having to have a car. You can buy tickets online, on the Metropol App, or at the door on the day, but be careful that you don’t miss out as some of the movies have already sold out in advance! 

What is Innsbruck’s Drive-In Movie experience like

Radio Sound

They make it so easy to sync up and get the movie audio right in your car! Couldn’t be easier!

There are ushers in bright orange vests to help instruct you where to park, making sure that the space is used wisely, which is the only downside: you can’t pick where to park! No worries though, as every seat in the theater is a good one!

We weren’t allowed to crack a window open, and the engine has to be turned off, obviously. The sound isn’t like an old drive in movie with a speaker hooked up to your window, no, we are more advanced than that! The movie sound is pumped in through the radio instead.


There were several ushers walking around, ready to help!

Before the movie starts make sure to head over to the snack stand, because what is a movie without snacks?! They have drinks, candy, popcorn, and basically everything you need for the perfect movie experience. 

Movie Snacks

Snacks and movies go hand in hand! Don’t forget to grab something before the movie starts!

You have all of August left to get out and enjoy the movies! What are you waiting for! Every day until the 30th of August there will be a different movie. The program can be seen online hereand is always shown for the coming 2 weeks.

One more tip: make sure to wash your windscreen!


All Photos : @Laura Wunsch