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Cycling World Championship 2018

Attention Innsbruck area, the 2018 Cycling World Championships [1] are almost here! It’s time to get excited, whether you are a fan of cycling or not, because there will be plenty to do, see and hear during this 9 day event! So, I thought I would take you through it, the do’s and don’ts, the main and side events, the racing and everything in between. It’s going to be a wild ride!

Cyclers on the street

Watch these athletes take it to the streets of beautiful Tyrol. PhotoCredit: Bildmaterial Ernst Lorenzi

In case you were not aware, this is the Cycling World championships, but we are not talking some sort of track, these riders will be hitting the streets of Tyrol battling it out for the top title. From the 22nd to the 30th of September 2018, there will be 12 different races taking place, starting in various places around Tyrol, from Ötztal, to Wattens, Rattenberg, even Kufstein, all ending at the Hofburg Imperial Palace [2] in the heart of Innsbruck.

Testdrive in front of Ambras Castle

Bikers on a test drive for the UCI Road World Championships in Innsbruck. PhotoCredit: EXPA/ JFK

Public Viewings and Fan Zones

There are so many places to watch, that you don’t have to shell out any money for, BUT if you want to pay to get in to the start/end positons it’s well worth it. It’s not just in Innsbruck either it’s all over the surrounding area! There is really no excuse not to get caught up in bike fever.

The finish line is in the heart of Innsbruck next to the theatre and Hofgarten. Between the House of Music and the Hofburg Imperial Palace. Video walls are set up to watch the race live and follow the athletes until they reach the finish line. It is also equipped with a stage, which will be well used over the course of the event. But don’t worry, there are plenty of other places to watch the action, from Ambras Castle [3] , to the Patscherkofel station, and many many more in the surrounding area. Check out here where you can watch [4]!

Cycling around the bend

Innsbruck and its surroundings are such a gorgeous backdrop to this Word Championship. Check out that view. PhotoCredit: EXPA/ Reinhard Eisenbauer

Fan Fest and Amazing Events

Innsbruck is used to hosting major sporting events; I mean come on… it is a paradise here! The cycling World championship is no different, there are tons of side events to peak your interest when you’re not checking out the races. And the best part, with a valid championship ticket [5], you can get in to any event at the finish line of the race in Innsbruck. There are concerts and events, and even a showing by the Innsbruck Landestheater [6], who will give an open-air performance of ‘Carmen’ in front of the theatre at the finish line, and that one is free! There is a cycle parade on the opening day, where you can join in and bike along through Innsbruck. There are musical artists and DJs performing all sorts of music in and around. For a full list of events go here. [7]

Event Tickets

The ticket is well worth it for all the amazing side events and races. PhotoCredit: Innsbruck – Tirol Rad WM 2018 GmbH

Attention, attention!

Please be advised though, for those not participating in the race, this means there will be some hang-ups. If you’re visiting Innsbruck by car, it is important to inform yourself regarding what roads will be closed when, and where exactly you will be able to park. If you are relying on public transport to get you around Innsbruck, you should not only be patient, as times may vary, but also inform yourself on what routes could be changed or interrupted during the racing. Find out more information here [8].

Finish line

All races end at the Imperial Palace in the heart of Innsbruck, make sure you secure your spot. PhotoCredit: EXPA/ Reinhard Eisenbauer


With so much to do and see, there is really no excuse! Get out, get involved and catch the racing fever!