I think everyone can agree that 2020 has been a questionable year. With everything that has happened, everything that Covid has taken away, it’s definitely been a tough one! But there have been some bright spots, some events that were able to happen, even if slightly modified to keep everyone safe. Crankworx is one of those events, one that refused to be stopped!

Last weekend in Mutters, the world’s international mountain biking elite took to their bikes to compete in the 4th Crankworx Innsbruck Festival, showcasing freestyle and downhill action over a fantastic long weekend. Although the event took place without spectators, to limit crowds and possible infection transmissions, a live TV broadcast of the events kept fans close to the action! If you can’t be there live, well the next best thing is to watch it live on TV, right?!


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No Stopping Crankworx – But Still Safety First!

Even though Covid shut down the event to spectators, I had the privilege of receiving a media accreditation, and was able to watch the event live on the sight – with some precautions of course; better safe than sorry! I had to have my pass, and of course my facemask, on me at all times, and some movement was restricted to ensure the safety of everyone. The temperature of riders was taken and every precaution was taken to ensure the event could take place, and that all those who were allowed to (or had to) attend, did it in a safe and respectful way. 

Fever Test

Safety first! Riders were tested and masks were required, sport in the time of covid! Photo @Crankworx World Tour

Close To The Action – From A Distance!

People have started to get creative when it comes to providing entertainment and content in the time of Covid. Whether it be concerts over Zoom, online classes or Google Hangouts, people are finding new ways of coming together even if they can’t do it physically.

Downhill Run

It was a shame to have to be without spectators, but at least the riders could ride! Photo @Crankworx World Tour

For the first time ever, a ‘City Expo’ was held in front of the Landestheater during Crankworx, with livestream-screens, activities, training sessions, and more. You could even shop your heart out there and at the Tirol Shop for all your Crankworx gear! Red Bull TV also broadcast the event live to make sure no one missed a beat, even those  couldn’t be live at the event. 

Downhill Finals

I got to experience the downhill finals live. Questionable weather, but a great experience! Photo @Laura Wunsch

Keeping Business As Usual As Possible

The ‘you know what’ that’s been going on since March has drastically affected pretty much all sporting events, but especially international competitions where athletes come from around to compete. Many sports had to cancel their seasons and competitions entirely, and for some, even the most basic training has been impossible.

Finals Time

Nothing but smiling faces in Mutters last weekend! Photo @Crankworx World Tour

People are hungry for events, competitions and sport, it’s such a blessing that the organisers of Crankworx worked so hard to find solutions and work-arounds to having to cancel the festival entirely. The whole concept was rethought from the ground up, and we are all glad they put in the time and effort! 

Pump Track

Long thrilling days, even in facemasks! Photo @Crankworx World Tour

Crankworx refused to be stopped this year – but hopefully next year we get can back to normal and more people can attend this amazing celebration of all things MTB in person! 

Victory shot

Slightly different vibe celebrating a win with no spectators, but a win is a win!! Photo @Crankworx World Tour


Cover Photo @Crankworx World Tour