The Austrian and German Masters 2018 was three days of high intensity snowboard competition. 74 riders from 13 nations showed Kühtai what they’re made of in open Halfpipe and Big Air competitions, as well as in the Slopestyle Final of the Austria Cup Tour!

With a number of overall titles (German as well as Austrian) up for grabs plus the individual categories, it was an action packed comp to say the least!


There was good weather on the first day of the event. Some riders found the interesting course tricky to master, but pushing through to victory were my fellow Englander Gabe Adams and Annika Morgan from Germany.

MitjaMilencovic riding the rail at the Austrian & German Masters

MitjaMilencovic riding the rails.

Daniel Bohinc and Davern Mitchell from New Zealand took second and third place. The Austrian Slopestyle championship titles went to Emma Lantos and Moritz Amsuess.

Big Air

The sun was not out for this day, but visibility was good nonetheless.

Moritz Amsnuess jumping at the Austrian & German Masters

Moritz Amsnuess getting some air.

The two French riders Titouan Bartet and Thalie Larochaix nailed perfect runs, winning them 1st place for the men’s and women’s comps respectively. The Austrian championship title went to Kematen local Emma Lantos in the “Open” and “Rookies” categories.

Austrian & German Masters Big Air podium 2018

Big Air podium – 1st: Titouan Bartet, 2nd: Loris Framarin 3rd: Enzo Valax

Max Deutinger became the men’s Austrian Big Air champion and Moritz Kaufmann smashed it in the “rookies” category.

For the German championship title, Annika Morgan took the women’s win and and Leon Vockensperger the men’s!


The young riders packed a massive punch on the Olympic sized super pipe, leaving the judges very impressed indeed! For the Super Grom Girls, Kohna Ettel from Germany took 1st place; and, also from Germany, Mika Schweizer won the Super Grom Guys title.

In the Grom category, Swiss rider Elena Schütz was the winning girl. Among the boys, 12 year old Florian Lechner from Germany threw down such spectacular runs that he could even have placed well in higher level comps – amazing stuff!

Victor Ivanov in the halfpipe at the 2018 Austrian & German Masters

Victor Ivanov spinning in the pipe.

Rookie titles for Austria went to Emma Lantos (women’s) and Timo Krall (men’s), while Annika Morgan and Christoph Lechner won the German Rookie titles – enough to make Annika the overall German Halfpipe Champion – well done!

With his fantastic front side 1080 and brilliant backside 900, Olympian Johannes Höpfl became the 2018 German Halfpipe champion. Verena Rohrer took first place ahead of fellow Swiss Elena Schütz in the women’s category.

In addition to the championship titles in Slopestyle and Big Air, Emma Lantos secured the championship title in the Halfpipe discipline in her home country and thus emerged as the overall winner of the Austrian Masters 2018; way to go Emma!

Emma Lantos wins at the 2018 Austrian & German Masters

Emma Lantos with her winnings.

The Tyrolean Manuel Bernert became Austrian Halfpipe Champion 2018 in the categories “Open” and “Legends”. Lisa Filzmoser secured the Austrian championship title in these two categories for the women too.

And to finish off, the celebrations commenced in Innsbruck’s Dachsbau night club.

Massive congratulations to all winners and participants!

For more photos and info, head over to the Austrian & German Masters website.

All photos © Andreas Amplatz

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