Attention all film buffs, cinema aficionados, and those that love the movies! Believe it or not, you should stand up and take notice of Innsbruck, because this city plays host to an annual event called the Innsbruck Film Campus!

Even though this year’s event was already the 6th instalment, you may still be wondering what it’s all about! For one week, from the 10th to the 16th of September, applicants had the opportunity to participate in workshops ranging in topics and branches of cinema. Masterclasses were offered for people to hone their skills and learn about their craft. There were classes from national and international experts in their fields, all surrounding a film festival presenting international films of interest plus some short films from participants.

film campus

This is already the 6th Innsbruck film campus to take place. Photo: Laura Wunsch

Something for Everyone

The event first came about in 2013, in the hope that it would gather talented people together to branch out: to learn, discuss and experience film. It is such a unique experience. Some of the events were only for participants, and had to be applied for, in order to keep the class sizes small and engaging. But there were also plenty of activities open to the public, such as the film festival, opening ceremony and ‘instawalk’. There were events all over the city, but they call the majestic  ‘Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen’ (the Art House Büchsenhausen) their home base.

Art House Büchsenhausen

Using Art House Büchsenhausen as home base for the week of activities. Photo: Laura Wunsch

Learning from Experts

The organizers brought in experts from a wide range of fields: a gaffer to touch on expression in lighting; a cinematographer to lead a class exploring colour; the chairman of Münchner Filmwerkstatt to discuss financing, distribution and low budget films; a director to discuss breaking the norms of the cinema industry; a screenwriter/producer to talk about creating content that is artistically precious; and many many more besides.

Honestly, anything you could possibly want to know or learn about film making is covered in one of the masterclasses, all taught by experts with real experience and success in their field.

hands on experience

Participants weren’t just taught in the classroom, but were able to get first hand experience as well. Photo: Daniel Jarosch

Experiencing Film

The film festival was spread over one week, with three full length independent films shown, plus one night with a screening of short films created by the programs participants.

There was a wide range of subject matter – some in English, others not – but Thursday’s screening was the one to watch. Thursday presented contributions by participants of the Innsbruck film Campus 2018 under the motto ‘Res Publica’. Five short screenings were shown; the shortest was 12min and the longest 30min.


At the opening ceremony I could already see things set up to kick off the week. Photo: Laura Wunsch

Check out their website here for photos from the event, and make sure to check it out next year for yourself!

All photos on the website are from Daniel Jarosch & Patrick Außerdorfer. Cover photo by Patrick Außerdorfer.