I had the pleasure of attending this year’s New Orleans Festival. It was my first time at this legendary music event, which has been showcasing top notch live acts in the style of Innsbruck’s sister city for over 20 years.


High above the city! Landhausplatz – the location of the festival.

Being heavily into music myself with writing, producing and DJ-ing for over two decades, I always love to experience live music, especially when it has a lot of soul.

Starlight Big Band

The Starlight Big Band putting on a great show.

Starlight Big Band

Brass section of the Starlight Big Band.

The history of the New Orleans Festival in Innsbruck

The two sister cities Innsbruck and New Orleans joined back in 1995, and the New Orleans Festival began in 1998 when Markus Linder brought the New Orleans flare to the heart of the alps with music parades through the city and a big stage at Landhausplatz for four days.

Danica Hart Markus Linder

Danica Hart sharing her stage with Markus Linder.

Not just music

With the roots originating from New Orleans, you just know this festival will have you dancing throughout the day and into the evening, to the sound of local and international bands.

Hyperphlyy Georg Willi innsbruck

Hyperphlyy band with Innsbruck’s Mayor Georg Willi (centre).

I was there on the Friday, which Hyperphlyy headlined (they also played on Saturday). Wowee! What a band!

Hyperphlyy New Orleans festival

Hyperphlyy starting their set.

Currently on tour from New Orleans and fronted by three amazing singers consisting of two sisters (Danica Hart and Devynn Hart) and cousin Trea Swindle.

Trea Swindle

Trea Swindle singing with full soul.

It was definitely a family affair, delivering a lot of love, laughter, emotion and dance with their country-gospel-blues-soul sound.

Danica Hart, Devynn Hart

Singing sisters, Danica Hart in yellow and Devynn Hart in the background.

It wasn’t just music, it was story-telling of the singers own lives through song, along with well known classics that got the crowd of 6.000 people dancing, jumping and cheering for it to never stop. Hyperphlyy really stole the show!

Hyperphlyy, innsbruck, landhausplatz

The crowd go wild as they applaud the final song.


The New Orleans Festival is a free event in the centre of Innsbruck at Landhausplatz. And one not to be missed. Get your groove on at next year’s show – stay tuned for dates!

New Orleans Festival, innsbruck, myinnsbruck

Good night New Orleans Festival 2019.

All photos © Ashley Wiggins

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