Of the many industries that have been hit really hard during this pandemic, businesses and people reliant on events and nightlife are arguably the biggest victims. The first to close, the last to open.

Keeping the industry alive, many DJs are doing live performances from their homes and from weird and wonderful places. And this is where Vibrancy Music comes in – stay tuned to the Innsbruck Tourism Facebook Page for the full stream on 13th January!

Vibrancy Music

Vibrancy Music is a music events company bringing live music to beautiful and wonderful venues and locations. Of course there is no chance for there to be a live audience due to the global pandemic, but boss Dominik Seidenspinner told me over the phone that they plan to create unforgettable events for music fans when it is safe and possible to do so.

Vibrancy music at Bergisel, myinnsbruck

Vibrancy music on top of Bergisel. © droneproject.at for Vibrancy Music

They came to Innsbruck during lockdown 2.0 and brought Berlin based music artist Felix Raphael to perform live on top of Bergisel. For those who don’t know, Bergisel is Innsbruck’s Olympic ski jump, here is my episode of Epic Innsbruck that we filmed at this unique location:

Felix Raphael

Felix is an “Electronic Live Act”, Producer and Vocalist. Although he was born and raised close to Munich, he resides in Berlin and I interviewed him after his performance on top of Bergisel:

“I played an exclusive Live Set for the Vibrancy crew at Bergisel including some released, some unreleased and two tracks from my upcoming Album which will be released on Poesie Musik in 2021. My performance focuses a lot on live elements just like piano, synthesizer sounds, pad drumming and of course live vocals. The connection between Vibrancy and myself was kind of really nice because I watched the video project I did with my colleague and friend Mark Tarmonea and I just wanted to tell them that I liked what I saw. With their answer they told me that they had an eye on me for quite a while and already wanted to ask me if I want to play in their next shoot and there we are.”

Felix Raphael

Felix Raphael performing high in the sky. © Vibrancy Music

Sounds like this joint venture event was meant to be. When asking Felix about Innsbruck, he said “It was my first time in Innsbruck and I was pretty much completely overwhelmed by this location. Never did something like this before!”

Felix and his live kit

Felix and his live kit. © Vibrancy Music

What about the current situation with COVID-19? He replied: “There’s probably no industry that got hit by the pandemic as hard as the event industry. I assume it’ll be at least a whole year that clubs had to stay closed. Most of them won’t make it through. So it’ll be a big change in the whole community. There will come new clubs but it won’t be the same. I think what politicians just forget is that there is something called culture and tradition. Even if there are new clubs and events coming, the tradition and the connection have to be built over years, over decades…”

Bergisel, patscherkofel, myinnsbruck

Amazing views of Bergisel and Patscherkofel in the background. © droneproject.at for Vibrancy Music

Being a DJ and music producer myself, I agree with Felix’s words, including with what he continued to say: “For me as an individual (and I bet for a lot of my colleagues) it’s also not the easiest because gigs are the most important for me. As an artist, but also for the financial grounding. So it made me do things and go into different directions with my music that are not dependent on playing gigs. To say something positive at the end, for my music production, the last time was a gift. I wrote and produced a full album and developed a lot of what I feel. I wish all of you guys reading this that you stay healthy and positive. We’re gonna get through this and there will be an after!”

Felix Raphael

Felix Raphael with Innsbruck city below and Nordkette in the distance. © Vibrancy Music

Check out Felix Raphael’s social channels and music:






Keeping Nightlife alive

Nightclubs and bars are on the brink of closure, so if you can, please support them however possible with purchasing their merchandise and/or think about how you can offer other forms of help.

Locally in Innsbruck, here are the venues offering some lovely merch on their online stores. Fill your boots!

Some are only pre-order only, so be quick.

Dachsbau: dachsbau.club/support

Jimmy’s: www.jimmysshop.at

Tante Emma: tante-emma-club.myshopify.com


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