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Innsbruck Jigsaw Puzzles for the Entire Family

Ready for another fun pastime for the entire family? Check out our new jigsaw puzzles featuring iconic folk characters, Crankworx, and one of our favorite hiking destinations.

Simply click on the images to access the puzzles!

Schleicherlaufen Jigsaw Puzzle – Difficulty Level: 1/10

Read more about the Schleicherlaufen Carnival [1]

Telfs Innsbruck Jigsaw Puzzle

Schleicherlaufen Jigsaw Puzzle (9 Pieces) © Carlos Melgar

Die Hexe Jigsaw Puzzle – Difficulty Level: 2/10

Innsbruck themed Jigsaw Puzzle

Die Hexe Jigsaw Puzzle (16 Pieces) © Carlos Melgar

Crankworx Jigsaw Puzzle – Difficulty level: 3/10

Innsbruck MountainBiking

Crankworx Puzzle (35 Pieces)  © Carlos Melgar

Crankworx Jigsaw Puzzle – Difficulty level: 5/10

Reminder: Crankworx [2] has been rescheduled to September 30th – October 4th

Check out the recap from last year’s event! [3]

Crankworx Jigsaw Puzzle Innsbruck Tirol

Crankworx Puzzle (54 Pieces) © Carlos Melgar

Pfeishütte Jigsaw Puzzle – Difficulty Level: 10/10

More info on guided hikes to Pfeishütte from Hafelekar [4]

Innsbruck Jigsaw Puzzle

Pfeishütte Jigsaw Puzzle Innsbruck (299 Pieces) © Carlos Melgar