Once again, Wiltener Platzl was the place to be as local businesses and entertainers came together for the Unternehmerfest (Entrepreneur Festival). The event aimed at promoting local businesses while showcasing the flair that makes Innsbruck such a lovely place to live in. An assortment of food activities, shopping stands and live performances made for good vibes at the plaza, popular among locals for its Saturday farmer’s markets, Christkindl markets and diverse range of restaurants and shops.


Immerland's sandwiches were filling and exquisite, as usual. Tiroler beer was refreshing and tasty.

Immerland’s sandwiches were filling and flavorful, as usual.

Local eateries like Immerland, Die Wäscherei and Deliris served up delicious grub while Tiroler Bier provided refreshments. The Immerland ladies served their ever-so-popular “Landwiches” in steak and vegetarian varieties, along with their delicately decorated and decadent pastries. We indulged in a veggie and a steak “Landwich”, both were full of flavor and hearty. Immerland’s menu items always feature ingredients sourced from regional farmers. Landwiches with a tall glass of Tiroler Bier are a match made in heaven and available daily at their restaurant.

Harald and Tamara from Tiroler Bier

Harald and Tamara from Tiroler Bier

Die Wäscherei also made a bold statement with Tirolean Sushi. Bacon wrapped beef and cheese, then topped with tortilla chip crumbs and paired with a secret sauce. A pleasant surprise indeed and the creativity definitely merits a visit to their restaurant where they offer billiards, darts, pinball, and poker. If games aren’t your cup of tea, you can just chill at their terrace while enjoying great company.

Bacon Sushi

Tirolean Sushi from Die Wäscherei

Styleconception.designart added their touch with a chill lounge in front of Die Wäscherei’s stand, perfect for enjoying the Tirolean Sushi rolls. The designer, Charly Walter is famous for his amazing interiors, commercial designs, and intriguing products.

Wiltener Platzl festival

Charly Walter merges art and comfort with this chill out area

Workshops and Shopping

Wiltener Platzl Shoppin

More than shopping, it was an experience

My cardinal rule for souvenir shopping is “avoid places with the word ‘Souvenir’ in the name”. Rule #2 is to seek businesses that strengthen the local community, thus supporting the local economy. It’s not uncommon to attend festivals like this and see stands offering unoriginal and dull items, usually made in China. That was far from the case here. Not only did vendors present shoppers with unique and locally made pieces, they also allowed them to create their own under expert guidance.

Via-Shop Innsbruck

A Via-Shop creation

Via-Shop – Via Produktionsschule offered visitors an opportunity to create their own jewelry and souvenirs. Via-shop is all that and a bag of chips. They pride themselves on producing their own items, but also provide young people with trade training in the process, preparing them for the working world in doing so. Many of their items are also made of recycled materials. Can’t beat that with a baseball bat. This is one of the first places you should look to when thinking about buying a souvenir. You can also find other great shopping options nearby at Wiltener Platzl.

Skateboarding workshop from X Double

X Double teaching youngsters to ride

X-Double staff set up a few ramps and offered youngsters an opportunity to learn how to shred or hone their skills on a skateboard. The kiddos had a blast as their parents looked on, cheering and snapping photos of the future pros. A few of them were killing it without much guidance. X-Double is an iconic skate and snowboard institution in Innsbruck and offers many limited edition items that can’t be found at bigger, more mainstream stores.

Other workshops included glass blowing, ski repair, hair styling and make up.

Wiltener Platzl Shopping

Glass blowing workshop from Brennero


Traditional Folk Dancing

Völser Plattler performing at Wiltener Platzl

There were many performers entertaining during the event. My favorite was the traditional shoe dancing by Völser Plattler. The group performed acrobatic Schuhplatteln folk dance and got the crowd involved with dancing and singing.

Folk Dancing at Wiltener Platzl

Mom and I getting in on the fun during the Völser Plattler performance

When visiting Innsbruck, do yourself a favor and venture outside of the center of town and visit Wiltener Platzl to experience the city like the locals; they really know how to have fun. You’ll be glad you did.


Photos: Carlos Melgar