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Discover the Boznerplatz square in Innsbruck: what to see, eat, drink and do

There are so many things to see and do in Innsbruck; it is easy to walk by great little corners of the city to get to others. Today we are focusing on a lesser known spot in town, one that you walk by on your way to Maria-Theresien street, or on the way to the golden roof or to the main station. And one that next time, you should stop and spend some time in: Boznerplatz!

First A Little History!

Rudolfs Fountain

Take your time to go around the fountain and see all the detail!

Between the Innsbruck main railway station, and the old town lies the Boznerplatz, a smaller area anchored by Rudolfs Fountain [1] in the middle and decorated with linden trees. To make sure we learn something today, here is a bit of history for you!

The square was built in 1858, and the fountain in 1877, but under a different name. It wasn’t called the Boznerplatz until 1923, when it was re-named as a remembrance of the city of Bozen and the separation of South Tyrol, which took place in 1919. World War II brought bombs to the region badly damaging the square, which is why most of the buildings are more modern.

The fountain the middle was commissioned for the 500th anniversary of the unification of Tyrol with Austria. Visible are the bronze griffins, a Tyrolean eagle, Habsburg lion, and of course the 3-meter high statue of Rudolph IV dressed in his Duke hat, armour and cloak.

Fountain full view

The fountain stands tall in the middle of the Boznerplatz, with so much around it.

A Day on the Boznerplatz

But enough history, what sort of fun can the Boznerplatz offer me NOW?!

The Boznerplatz is often either overlooked, or bunched together with the old part of town, as they are not so far apart. So perhaps I can recommend some things the Boznerplatz has in store for you! First and foremost, I have to say if you’re looking for a place to eat, or have a drink of some kind, look no further.

Backery sign

Not the biggest sign for the bakery, but you can always just follow your nose!

In the morning you need a good coffee and something nice for breakfast? Why not try the Innsbruck-based and family-run Moschen Backery [2]? One of their three locations around Innsbruck is on the Boznerplatz. Founded in 1965, they have 60 different kinds of bread from a stone oven, made daily!

Now that breakfast is taken care of, you can get some shopping done. There are plenty here, before you even get to Maria-Theresien street that is. There are outdoor sports shops, a camera shop, and much, much more. I always found it fun though, as a non-Austrian, to go to Zillertaller Trachtenwelt [3],which sells dirndl and lederhosen. Try some on and get that traditional feel!

After working up an appetite shopping, you’re probably starting to think about lunch, and the Boznerplatz has plenty of spots to grab a bite! In the mood for a burger? Try Wild West [4], which is just around the corner. Set a little off the square you’ll find (in my opinion) one of the best burgers in Innsbruck, and if you don’t believe me, check out my previous blog [5]!

Evening drinks on the Boznerplatz

Bar sign

Come in and choose from their many, many cocktails!

Now that the summer seems to have finally arrived, the Boznerplatz is a nice spot to hang out. Maybe have an early cocktail? In that case, I have just the spot! Just across the street from the square is a cocktail bar called ‘Erlkönig bar’ [6], named after the poem by Goethe. Although decorated with creepy stuffed ravens (sorry), probably to stick with the theme of the bar, their cocktails are worth it. If you’re looking for just a beer, there are other places I could suggest, but if you’re looking for a really, really good cocktail, look no further.

Paninothek entryway

The entryway of the Paninothek can be daunting, but the staff make things easy.

Or if you feel like having a glass of wine before dinner, start at the Paninothek [7]. I have witnessed the shop on the corner of the Boznerplatz change into many things over the last several years, but I hope the Paninothek is the one that sticks. It’s cool and fun, whether you’re in the mood for a glass of wine, or to sit down for some food. You can go for brunch, for a snack, for a meal, they even have an all you can eat buffet deal on Wednesdays, and the staff are friendly and attentive too!

pre-dinner wine

Mmmmmm pre-dinner wine and chips at the Paninothek, so good!

Ready for the main course, some Italian perhaps? Then reserve a table at ‘Die Pizzerei [8].’ Not just a pizzeria, there are other dishes on the menu, however I do recommend the pizza! They use a wood oven and it’s to die for! Pizza, pasta, and of course wine. It is a small little taste bud trip to Italy, without ever leaving Innsbruck.

Whether you go in for food and a cocktail, or just a cocktail, it’s worth a trip: their bar is fully stocked and their bartenders are knowledgeable! You’re not just getting a drink when you visit the bar, you’re getting a show too. Flipping glasses around, throwing ice cubes through the air… Getting a drink is a spectacle!

Die Pizzerei stone oven

I recommend the pizza, but let’s face it, the whole menu is a winner!

It is easy to cut a few corners or skip a few stops exploring Innsbruck. Hopefully, I could convince you that the Boznerplatz is not one to be left out on your next trip to Innsbruck.


All Blog Photos: @Laura Wunsch

Cover Photo : Innsbruck Tourism