When someone talks about it, they usually mention the mountains, the snow, skiing slopes and everything to do with winter and outdoor activities. However, there’s another side of Innsbruck. Or other sides (plural). One of them is the music scene. Surely, you might think “What? Music scene in Innsbruck?”. It’s rather stereotypical, a not-so-huge city to have a music scene. Of course, Innsbruck is not Vienna, London, Manchester or New York but still. Not as big, but nevertheless significant.

Innsbruck is diverse and versatile when it comes to music styles heard and played around the city. There’s everything from live music, DJs and a very lively open mic culture. And of course there are several venues that can satisfy all kinds of preferences. To mention a few: The Galway Bay Irish Pub, Projekt, La Cabana, Dachsbau, The Acousticclub, die Bäckerei and Jimmys. You can find more venues in Innsbruck here.

There’s a particular music genre (or genres) that has been getting a lot of positive buzz lately, due to the fact that it’s very easy to listen to and can be connected with a lot of activities. What I am talking about is known as chillhop, lofi hip hop and even jazzhop. But how does it sound like? Here’s a couple of examples:


Music by Pueblo Vista & crew / Illustration by Paul Pastourmatzis



But how is Innsbruck connected to this music? An interesting fact is that some of the most established artists (Philanthrope, Mono:Massive, Tusken) are related to Innsbruck. They’ve all made their mark (and continue to do so) while living here and if it wasn’t for their Soundcloud profiles, I would have never realized that. Philanthrope is a German hiphop producer who came to Innsbruck as a student and around 2013 he started making beats. That’s where he met Mono:Massive. He was the one who invited him to his studio and help him perfect the mixing part of his craft. Mono:Massive is also one of the established Austrian hip hip producers who spent several years in Innsbruck (also as a student – if my sources are correct). However he moved to Vienna some years back. As for my third mention, I only know he’s from Innsbruck, since he hasn’t replied in any of my messages yet!

I am sure that there are probably more producers in Innsbruck that know or even are friends with the aforementioned trio, and I am looking forward in discovering them. The fact that these talented music producers had (and some still have) Innsbruck as their home base, is definitely a factor for inspiration for existing and future music producers. That’s one of the ways one can “leave his/her mark” in a community or a location. In a chat I had with Philanthrope a while back, he mentioned that the overall laid back vibe of the city, as well as the geological location played a very important role in his music and influences. Although hip hop as a genre wasn’t really related to the outdoors and nature, the serenity and peacefulness of Innsbruck can definitely influence music creation.

And knowing how chilled and laid-back Innsbruck is, I believe this genre could definitely be part of the sound of the city.




One very well known and prominent event where this music genre is featured (among others) is Bonanza Sonnendeck or simply Sonnendeck. It happens very often (weekly if memory serves well) during the summer months, when you can enjoy the beautiful sunset with the idyllic view of the mountains, next to the river (at the university).

Music for everyone // Bonanza Sonnedeck #myinnsbruck

Photograph taken from Sonnendeck Facebook Page

Music for everyone // Bonanza Sonnedeck #myinnsbruck

Photograph taken from Sonnendeck Facebook Page



Therefore if you like what you heard and read so far, and feel like this musical style can be your cup of tea (or is your cup of tea already), feel free to check out the aforementioned artists as well as my YouTube channel (Pueblo Vista). Although Philanthrope and Mono:Massive might not be in Innsbruck anymore (moved to Rotterdam and Vienna respectively), they left a “legacy” and put Innsbruck on the music map for yet one more music genre. I am deeply thankful for that. Also, if you’re in the music streaming scene, you can listen to more music like this on Spotify.

Last but not least, if you’re looking for more information about events, activities and the city of Innsbruck in general, make sure you subscribe to our blog as well as visiting the official website of Innsbruck.